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Radar detectors with red light camera detection

Radar Detector with Red Light Camera DetectionRed light cameras are the bane of many drivers, and can make some of them quite anxious. This can be especially stressful when traveling through an unfamiliar area where red light camera systems may be installed, but not advertised.

Is that device above the traffic light or on top of the post at the next intersection a DOT traffic monitor? Or is it a red light camera, waiting to flash your photo for a ticket as you pass?

There are so many different sensors and tech gadgets attached to poles and installed around streets these days, Sometimes it is difficult to tell. Until you get that ticket in the mail, you won't know for sure, and then it's too late.

But it doesn't have to be that way. There is tech available to help you defend against red light and speed cameras. There is also a device that can help you get ahead of the curve, or the intersection, so to speak. You may already have one, but if you don't it's a good time to get one. It's a radar detector with red light camera detection.

Here is a list of radar detectors currently available Buy Radar Detectors in 2019 that can detect and/or alert you to threats from intersections equipped with red light camera systems.

Radar Detectors with Traffic Camera Detection
Brand Model Detects Speed Camera Detects Red Light Camera Built-in Database
DSP 9200BT
Escort Redline EX
Redline iX
MAX 360c
Radenso XP
Pro M
Uniden DFR9
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