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Motorcycle Radar Detectors

Motorcycle owners have always faced a few challenges and trade-offs when considering a radar detector. A model that requires a power cord is definitely not optimal for use as a motorcycle radar detector, unless you are interested in hard-wiring. Audio alerts can be difficult to hear while riding, and almost impossible if you're wearing a helmet. Visual alerts can be difficult to see unless your detector is mounted in an ideal location.

Because of these issues, our recommendation is to purchase a radar detector made specifically for a motorcycle. The TPX radar detector from Adaptiv Technologies addresses all of these concerns while delivering high performance. The TPX has large buttons that are easy to find and press, is completely waterproof, and comes standard with a high powered visual alert.

Don't want a motorcycle specific detector? Maybe you want to move your detector back and forth between vehicles or you simply don't want to deal with the hassle of installation, either way you still have options. Regardless of the drawbacks, cordless radar detectors are popular with bike owners and are often preferred over models with a power cord. High performance models with a hardwire kit are also popular. Because of the difficulty in hearing alerts, a model with an audio jack is nice because it allows you to connect an external earpiece. Don't forget, on most motorcycles a special radar detector mount is going to be needed, regardless of the model you choose!

Listed below is the Adaptiv TPX radar detector, along with our cordless model.

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  • Escort Solo S4 Cordless Radar/Laser Detector

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