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  • A closer look at the Escort EZ Mag Mount

    Escort EZ Mag MountRadar detector suction cup windshield mounts come in various shapes and sizes. Some are designed for specific models, others for a specific series of models or an entire brand. One can even find a universal radar detector windshield mount. No matter the mount, all perform the same basic function: they attach a radar detector to the windshield of a vehicle using the power of suction.

    The basic technology behind the suction method was always relatively simple, and while somewhat reliable when properly applied, it wasn't perfect. Then Escort introduced the Stickycup Mount, a heavy duty mount with a suction cup coated with a sticky gel. This was a game changer. Suddenly, the reliability of suction cup mounts rose dramatically. Radar detectors equipped with a Stickycup Mount stayed put, and fear of a detector suddenly falling on the dash diminished greatly. While still not completely hassle free, the Sticky Cup was definitely a step forward. For a fair comparison of the pros and cons, read Escort Sticky Cup vs. the standard windshield bracket.

    Now, Escort is taking the "sticky cup" concept to the next level, adding an instant, quick connect-and-release option for the radar detector itself. The result? It's the Escort EZ Mag Mount™.

    Designed exclusively for three specific Escort radar detectors, The EZ Mag Mount is essentially a Stickycup mount, but with an added twist. A traditional mount attaches to the radar detector using a metal tongue or bracket that slides onto or into the device and locks it into place; a button on the detector must be pressed to release it from the mount. The EZ Mag Mount has a "stubby like" bracket equipped with a magnet. The detector slides onto the bracket and the magnet holds it in place. Since the magnet creates the grip, release is instantaneous. To remove the detector, simply pull it off the mount!

    The EZ Mag Mount is a quick and easy way to mount your detector, and it works very well. The suction cup is easy to attach and is quite powerful, yet is surprisingly easy to remove from your windshield if necessary. Traditional metal bracket mounts required the user to bend the bracket to adjust the angle of the detector while on the mount. The EZ Mag Mount uses an adjustable tilt mechanism with a locking knob, allowing faster and easier angle adjustment with great flexibility.

    The unique magnet mount design currently limits compatibility to three Escort radar detectors, the MAX 360C, the Escort IX and the Redline EX. If you own one of these models, the EZ Mag Mount may be the windshield mount for you.

  • Escort Sticky Cup vs. the standard windshield bracket

    Escort Sticky Cup Mount.jpgXLT radar detector mounting bracket.jpg
    Escort fairly recently changed the type of suction cup that they ship with some of their higher end radar detectors. What was once a small, traditional metal bracket with two suction cups is now a larger bracket with a single large, prominent, Sticky Cup. The Escort Max, Max2 and the new Beltronics GT-7 all include this new Sticky Cup.

    The Sticky Cup is more than just a windshield mount with a super sized suction cup. It is literally sticky, hence the name "Sticky Cup". The cup itself has a sort of sticky, gummy surface on the suction side, presumably to help it grab the windshield glass better.

    And grab the glass it does. Once the paper backing is removed from the sticky area and the cup is placed in the desired position, it's a simple matter of closing the locking clamp to create the suction in the cup and seal it tight to the windshield.

    Not surprisingly, the Sticky Cup can handle the weight of the premium Escort and Beltronics detectors. Since the suction cup itself is considerably larger and "stickier" than the small, clear cups included with the standard metal windshield bracket, that is certainly to be expected. It is also quite adjustable. There is a large knob on the side of the bracket allows you to rotate the bracket on the mount to position the radar detector at the desired angle.

    The Sticky Cup does seem to have a lot to offer in comparison to the old, standard radar detector mount, and at first glance one would think it is far superior in every way. However, it does have some drawbacks, a few which may put the plain, two cup mount back into consideration.

    Consider this.

    The Escort Sticky Cup is large. It is also a solid, completely opaque black. this makes the Sticky Cup a lot more noticeable. Some may consider the Sticky Cup a little too big to be discreet at all. The standard metal brackets are small, and the dual suction cups are clear or translucent. This type of bracket is not as noticeable on a windshield as the Sticky Cup.

    The Sticky Cup is one single cup. Unlike the standard mounts, which typically have two suction cups, the Escort Sticky Cup is completely on its own. Why is it something to consider? Well, consider this. Any suction cup can lose suction from time to time. It just happens. If it happens to a two cup mount, there is a chance they may go one at a time, which gives you time to catch it first and instantly re-mount it before everything falls down.

    However, when the Sticky Cup goes, there is nothing to hold it back. You can't count on the sticky surface of the cup to delay it. The stickiness just isn't sticky enough to counter the weight. When it falls, It just falls, and everything, the cup, the mount and the detector, falls with it. You simply won't have time to react.

    Adjusting the Sticky Cup is easy, but it is somewhat limited. The big plastic knob is certainly better for adjusting the angle of your radar detector. Simply loosen the knob, tilt the detector, and tighten the know again. There is one limitation. It adjusts in steps. They are very small steps, to be sure, but they are still set increments.

    In contrast, the standard metal windshield mount can easily and instantly be bent to the degree desired, without loosening or tightening something in the process. Simply bend the mount exactly to the angle you want, and let go. You're done.

    Removal of the Sticky Cup can take longer than the removal of a standard two cup mount. Taking the Sticky Cup off a windshield is a two step process. First, the locking clamp must be released, which can be a bit cumbersome to get to if the radar detector is mounted at an angle that obstructs your access to the clamp and if you have big fingers. After the clamp is unlocked, you must pull the tab at the rim of the cup to release the suction and remove the mount.

    To release a standard two cup mount, simply grab the edges of the cups with your fingers and lift them from the surface of the windshield. With a little practice, this can be accomplished in one deft move. Such speed may be necessary if, say, you are pulled over in a jurisdiction where radar detectors are illegal (Virginia and Washington, D.C.) and you quickly want to hide it away from view.

    The Sticky Cup is sticky. It can be seen as an advantage over a regular two cup mount, but it can also be a disadvantage. Sticky surfaces tend to pick up dirt, dust and other artifacts very easily, which can severely limit or completely hinder the ability of the cup to stick to anything at all. According to the instructions, the Sticky Cup can be rinsed under warm water to clean it off, but care must be taken to keep the dirt at a minimum.

    The standard two cup detector mount, on the other hand, can be cleaned with a simple wipe down, if needed. Since the little cups on these mounts are usually smooth and not sticky, in most cases, a cleaning it isn't even needed.

    The Sticky Cup costs more. the Escort Sticky Cup mount sells for $29.95. While it's not the most expensive mount on the market, it is a premium, to be sure.

    The Bel Pro / Escort Windshield Mounting Bracket is about half that price, at $14.95.

    The best deal of all is the XLT Brand Windshield Mounting Bracket for Beltronics / Escort Radar Detectors. it includes a second pair of suction cups as part of the package. Plus, it comes with free shipping. This one is a real bargain. It's only $6.99.

    If you want a premium mount for your Escort or Beltronics radar detector that supports it, and you don't mind the caveats, then the Escort Sticky Cup may be the mount for you. Before you choose, consider it from every angle, not just the one posted for the product. We want you to be satisfied with your purchase.

  • Is the Escort Live! SmartCord compatible with older radar detectors?

    The Escort SmartCord Live! adds another dimension to newer compatible Escort radar detectors. This compatibility list, although somewhat exclusive, includes a few Beltronics models as well. The Beltronics Pro 300, Pro 500 and STi Magnum are the three models on the official list. But what about older models? After all, the Escort Passport 8500 X50 Black is essentially a tweaked version of the Passport 8500 X50, which is an update of the original Passport 8500. Likewise, the Beltronics Pro 300 is basically a redressed and updated Beltronics RX65. Wouldn't Escort Live! work with them as well?

    Not necessarily. According to Escort, older versions of these classic detectors may or may not be compatible with Escort Live! The official answer from Escort: it depends.

    The problem is, the public doesn't know what specific factors determine compatibility. Escort doesn't say. What the company does tell us is that some older Escort 8500 and Beltronics RX65 radar detectors may be compatible with Escort Live! and others may not. Compatibility is determined on a case by case basis.

    What does this mean for users of the Beltronics RX65 and the older Escort Passport 8500 X50? The solution is simple. If you own an Escort PASSPORT 8500 X50 purchased before 2008 or if you own a Beltronics RX65, please call Buy Radar Detectors Toll Free at 1-800-584-1445 Monday-Friday 8am-6pm ET to determine compatibility of your model with the Escort Live! SmartCord.

  • Escort Live! takes radar detection to the next level

    When your radar detector alerts you to an oncoming radar speed trap, every second counts. If it's a laser, chances are the time needed to react before you are tagged has already passed. But what if you could be alerted a minute or miles in advance? Well, now you can.

    Escort has taken radar detection to the next level with a patented system called Escort Live!. This unique system combines over a million active Beltronics and Escort radar detectors, Bluetooth wireless technology, smartphones and a central database to create what they call a "real-time ticket protection network" that can alert you to potential radar and laser threats on the road before you encounter them!

    For instance, someone in your area connected to Escort Live! is driving down a road and their Escort radar detector picks up a radar or laser threat. The alert is immediately transmitted to the ESCORT Live™ network database and the data recorded. A short while later you drive down the same road. Connected to the database, the ESCORT Live™ app on your smartphone receives the data on the previous threat and immediately alerts you to the speed trap, well before you reach it. Now imagine a million or more drivers, their radar detectors all sharing radar and laser threat data with each other across the continent through that same database. Escort has essentially created a "social network" for drivers and their radar detectors!

    Sounds great, but how does one connect a radar detector to a smartphone app in the first place?

    Enter the SmartCord Live!™. It is a power cord and data cable all rolled into one. This is the accessory that connects your Escort or Beltronics radar detector with your smartphone so you can connect to Escort's database and share all that information. SmartCord Live! uses Bluetooth® technology to interface with the ESCORT Live! smartphone app installed on your iPhone or Android smartphone. It comes in two versions, a coiled power cord that plugs into a 12V DC outlet (cigarette lighter) or a Direct Wire cord that is hard wired into your vehicle.

    SCLIVE-1-x.jpgThe SmartCord Live! coiled power cord features a DC vehicle adapter, Mini USB Jack that connects your computer to download software updates, a USB Jack so you can charge another device with the DC adapter simultaneously, a modular connector to connect and power your Beltronics or Escort radar detectors, an alert light, a Power/Bluetooth light, an ESCORT Live! Report Button (Push to manually report alerts to other users or reconnect SmartCord Live! to your smartphone) and a mute button.

    SCDWLIVE.pngThe SmartCord Live! Direct Wire uses a tiny console interface with a Mini USB Jack that connects your computer to download software updates, a modular connector to connect and power your Beltronics or Escort radar detector, an alert light, a Power/Bluetooth light, an ESCORT Live! Report Button (Push to manually report alerts to other users or reconnect SmartCord Live! to your smartphone) and a mute button.

    Both plug-in power cord and direct wire versions offer the real-time ticket protection network, Escort's DEFENDER Database of speed cameras, red light cameras and speed traps, GPS-powered speed-limit data for over-speed alerts, Truelock™ to help eliminate false alerts, the capability to receive live traffic data for your current location and mark locations for future reference.

    Then there is the smartphone app. The ESCORT Live!™ smartphone app is available for both iPhone and Android. It connects to Escort's database to obtain and display the latest information available on speed cameras, speed traps and speed limit data, including band, signal strength and frequency. Previous ESCORT Live™ events tagged across the network are noted with an "approaching live alert" message and an arrow indicating the location direction and distance from the source of the alert. A "heat map" icon marks the coordinate location of the alert and changes color and transparency based on alert relevance. The app can display a compass heading, the speed of your vehicle and over-speed alerts and offers dashboard and map views with customizable settings. You can also use the app to access settings and manage alerts on your radar detector.

    The Escort Live! Android or iPhone app must be connected in order to use these features. The iPhone version works with iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, and iPhone 3GS using 4.1 iOS or later. The Android Version works with Android OS 2.2 or later.

    SmartCord Live! is compatible with Escort PASSPORT 9500ix, RedLine, and most PASSPORT 8500 X50 Models. These detectors will be updated with the latest software automatically and some models will receive Escort's traffic sensor rejection (TSR) software as well. If you purchased the Passport 8500 X50 before 2008, you should call Buy Radar Detectors Toll Free at 1-800-584-1445 Monday-Friday 8am-6pm ET to determine compatibility before purchase.

  • BlendMount keeps your radar detector in front and out of the way

    BBE-2000-INFO2.jpgAs you probably know, radar detectors not physically installed or hard wired into a vehicle are usually mounted toward the front of it in one of two ways, either stuck to the dashboard or stuck to the windshield, typically using suction cups. For the most part, this method of attachment works reasonably well, with a few caveats. Suction cups that don't maintain suction, those that mark up or discolor the surface of the windshield glass over prolonged use (sometimes permanently) and loose, dangling wires obstructing your view of the road are all common complaints. But what if you could eliminate all of those annoyances and keep your radar detector within reach? What if you could mount it rigidly and securely, yet with great flexibility? Well, guess what? Now you can, with a BlendMount.

    BlendMount mounts your Beltronics, Escort or Valentine One radar detector directly to your rear view mirror. This innovative solution greatly reduces or eliminates the clutter from your windshield or dashboard associated with traditional mounting kits. BlendMount tucks the detector neatly under the mirror. It fastens securely to the mirror so it won't slip, slide or "lose suction". Yet it's also adjustable, featuring a bracket that can rotate 20 degrees so you can position your radar detector for the best coverage and performance possible.

    The BlendMount mirror mount system also allow your detector to be more discreet and out of the way. Without the windshield and dashboard clutter, you can see more of the road ahead instead of all the stuff in front of it. This helps you concentrate on driving and promotes safety.

    For an even cleaner and more discreet mounting solution, the BlendMount can be hard wired into your auto-dimming or powered rear view mirror with the optional MirrorTap Power Cord. This 24 gauge wire cord with braided flexible sleeve and 2 amp inline fuse taps directly into the wire harness of your mirror and connects to 12V power in your vehicle. The installation is easy and can be completed in a few minutes. However, for those who are not inclined to do it themselves, an optional InstallCard Direct Wire Installation service can be purchased with the BlendMount for professional installation.

    BlendMount is made of hand crafted black anodized aluminum and is durable, lightweight and secure. It is also made in the USA. BlendMount is custom designed for each vehicle and there is a version available for most popular makes and models, although not all. Before purchasing a BlendMount, check this list to find out which BlendMount fits your vehicle!

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