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Buyer's Guide

This guide will help you find the best radar detector or other countermeasure product for your needs. Simply click the answer that best fits your situation.

What can we help you find?

I need a radar detector.

Radar detectors are the most popular type of speeding ticket countermeasure. A wide variety of products are available to fit any budget.

I need protection against police laser.

Radar detectors alone aren't enough to protect you against police laser. Adding a laser defense product will improve your chances of escaping a laser ticket.

I need defense against speed and red light cameras.

Most radar detectors will not detect photo enforcement devices. You will need a GPS enabled device or a special plate cover to protect against these threats.

What about a radar jammer?

Radar jammers don't work! Popular "Radar Jammers" have been proven time and again to be completely ineffective

I need help beating a speeding ticket.

Just got a ticket? Take a look at our resources for fighting a speeding ticket in court.

Accessories for a radar detector or other product.

Power cords, windshield mounts, suction cups, hardwire kits and more.

I know exactly what I need. Just let me search!

Use our advanced search to track down what you need.