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How to update the firmware on Uniden R1 and R3 radar detectors

Uniden R3 Radar DetectorThe Uniden R1 and R3 radar detectors are a good value. They both have long range detectability and great features. What makes them even an even greater value is their upgradeablilty. Both models allow you to update the firmware for the long term. Here's how to update the firmware on Uniden R1 and R3 radar detectors.

Note: these instructions are for the US versions of the R1 and R3 only.

To update the firmware:

  1. Turn the detector off and connect to a PC using a USB cable via the micro USB port located on the side of the detector. Allow the PC to install the necessary USB drivers to access the detector as needed.
  2. Go to Uniden's web site to locate and download the latest firmware updates for your radar detector. for the R1 and R3, the file is called Uniden R Series SW Download Tool and Firmware. You can find the firmware and installation instructions at https://support.uniden.com/radar-detectors/.
  3. Unzip the downloaded file to a new folder on your PC.
  4. Locate and run the file called “Uniden R Series SW Download Tool [version number].msi” (The current version as of the date of this article is V1.28). The download tool should install on your PC and create a shortcut on your desktop.
  5. Run the Uniden R Series SW Download Tool. The app should display your version of firmware.
  6. Choose the OPEN button and locate the binary file for your specific model from the unzipped files. As of this article, the file would be either R1_v150.208.000.bin or R3_v150.208.115.db190402.bin. Choose the correct file and click START DOWNLOAD.
  7. Select the OPEN button and locate the “DB_xxxxxxxx.bin” file (the x's are the date of the file) from the unzipped files, and click START DOWNLOAD. The app should install the update on the detector.
  8. Close the program when the update is finished, then enter the menu of your rader detector and reset the detector to factory default. Your radar detector should now have the current updates.

If the instructions are followed correctly, updating your R1 or R3 detector should be a breeze. These and other Uniden radar detectors are available at Buy Radar Detectors.

One thought on “How to update the firmware on Uniden R1 and R3 radar detectors”

  • Tom May

    Just purchased R1. Has 1.37 version. I see there are a number of newer versions to update. Must I do all in order or can I just do the 1.50, most recent?

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