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Monthly Archives: April 2006

  • Whistler XTR-280

    We have received a couple of emails now asking about the Whistler XTR-280. This model is yet another version of the Whistler 1788, made for specific retailers. The XTR-280 is identical to the Whistler 1788 that we sell. Unlike some other versions, it does include the home charger.

  • Whistler DE-1732 Now Available

    We now have the Whistler DE-1732 radar detector in stock. This detector is identical to the Whistler DE-1730, the only difference is the look. The tool that Whistler used to create the 1730's casing had worn out, so they created a new one. Eventually, the 1730 will no longer be available, but as long as it is, we will continue to carry it.

    So, if you are looking at one of these low-end Whistler radar detectors, just choose the design that you think looks best. There is no other difference between them!

  • Whistler XTR Series

    After receiving a couple of shipments with only enough units to fill backorders, I'm happy to say that we now have (what should be) plenty of new Whistler XTR series radar detectors in stock. All XTR models are now in stock: XTR-220, XTR-325, XTR-425, XTR-520, and XTR-560. If you had one of these models on backorder with us, you should have already received an email with your tracking information.

    Also, the manuals for each of these models are now available online. Just click the "Owners Manual" link at the top of each detector's product page.

  • (Some) New Whistler Models In Stock

    Obviously we didn't order enough of these models! We received our first shipment of the Whistler XTR series detectors yesterday. Within just a few hours, we were out of stock on the XTR-325, XTR-425, and XTR-560. The XTR-220 and XTR-520 weren't added to the site until today, and we still have a few of each of these models left.

    We expect a second shipment to arrive next week so if you're waiting on one of the new models, check back soon!

  • Cobra XRS-9930: Graphical Display Review

    The XRS-9930 has a display that is unlike any detector that is currently on the market. In this post, I am going to talk in depth about this new display and provide lots of pictures.

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