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Cobra Radar Detector Comparison

Ok, I realize that our selection of Cobra radar detectors has gotten quite large. With the 2005 models, PRO series models and now the new 2006 models, I can understand if those shopping for a Cobra are just a little overwhelmed ūüôā

Anyway, below is a small chart that should make it a little easier to see the differences between the models. The biggest differences are in which models include POP mode detection, a text display, voice alerts and a compass, so those are the features we will list. Confused about what features are important? Check out our What To Look For In A Radar Detector guide.

  POP Text
2006 Models  
XRS-9730 X X X X
XRS-9630 X X   X
XRS-9430     X  
PRO Series  
XRS-9780 X X X X
XRS-9680 X X   X
XRS-9480     X  
2005 Models  
XRS-9700 X X X X
XRS-9600 X X   X
XRS-9500   X X  
XRS-9400     X  
Other Models  
ESD-9215     X  

7 thoughts on “Cobra Radar Detector Comparison”

  • bit electronic
    bit electronic June 28, 2006 at 10:59 pm

    Can you tell me more about old Cobra model 9117? Is the same like performance with 9110?
    Best Regards...

  • Danny

    The Cobra 9117 is exactly the same as the 9110. Cobra occasionally creates special model numbers specifically for very large retailers, such as Wal-Mart or Target.

  • Max

    Please will you explain what's the meaning or the fonction of the POP and the Compass in the Cobra 9730?...

  • Nichelle

    I'm looking for a good radar/laser detector for no more than $200. I went ten years without a speeding ticket and have received 3 in the last four weeks. Any suggestions.

  • Jos√ɬ© Carlos
    José Carlos March 25, 2007 at 7:05 am

    Qual o modelo de detector de Radar mais indicado para o Brazil?

  • Recomendaria um Vector de Bel 955 para o melhor desempenho para seu custo ou o Passport de Escort 8500 X50 para o melhor desempenho sem considerar apre√ɬßar. Ambos destes trabalhar√ɬ£o em Brasil.

  • carlos

    tenho um iradar cobra. énecessario fazer algum download especial para que ele funcione no brasil? passei poruma regiao de pelo menos 10 radarese mais outro tanto de cameras e ele enxergou apenas 3.
    alguma dica?

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