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Passive Radar Jammers Don't Work!

There are lots of products out there that claim to be passive radar 'jammers' or 'scramblers'. Most of these products are manufactured under the brand Rocky Mountain Radar, or RMR. Many of these products sell for $200 and up, and claim to jam both police radar and laser guns.

Tests have shown over and over again that these products are not capable of jamming anything. They are usually capable of detecting radar, but have the range of a $50 detector. I consider these products to be fraudulent and a scam. This company is intentionally deceiving customers. Because of this, we have never sold these products and we never will.

Don't just take my word for this. Check out these other stories:

CopRadar.com reports that passive jammers have zero effect on radar.

According to an article in the LA Times, tests concluded that these jamming devices are not effective. This story also finds the RMR scrambler works as well as a block of wood.

A police officer decided to test out a RMR Phazer 2 for a local Central Florida TV station. The result? "No matter my speed, distance, type of speed gun -- radar or laser -- they got me every time."

There are many other stories just like these, but I hope this is enough to get my point across. Don't waste your money on a passive radar jammer! You would be much better off investing in a high quality radar detector, such as the Beltronics Pro 300 or the Escort 8500 X50 Black. If you get one of these products and learn how to use it, you will be successful at avoiding speeding tickets.

2 thoughts on “Passive Radar Jammers Don't Work!”

  • steven gaul

    For many years,i've been using bel radar detectors,and i was 100% satisfied.By may 2004,i bought a passport 8500,6 month later i sent it back for repairs and now the guarantee is expired and it still out of order.It's showing:self calibration,and after a few seconds,service reqiired.I am not interested to buy a bel radar detector since i know that bel and escort/passport are the same company.What is your suggestion,considering the fact that i am not interested to spend any money to repair my actual passport 8500?

  • Brian

    I also had my wife's 8500x50 Blue go on the blink after too many drops from the windshield. Off it went to Escort and backit came with updated electronics, new power cord, windshield mounts and cups.
    The best up grade is the 9500ix fro removable detectors. Having the updated data bse and GPS information is priceless and greatly rduces false alerts.

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