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New PNI Steel Eye Rechargeable

PNI has a new detector launching this April: the rechargeable Steel Eye RW3100. The RW3100 will be competing directly with the Whistler 1788, currently the only rechargeable radar detector on the market. At a glance, it looks as if the new Steel Eye will have a few advantages over the 1788.

The RW3100 is lighter, weighing in at 5.6 oz. compared to 10.5 oz. for the 1788. The new Steel Eye will fully charge the batteries in 2.5 hours (compared to 10), and the batteries will last for 25-32 hours with POP detection enabled and 30-40 hours with POP mode disabled. The Whistler 1788's batteries last a maximum of 20 hours.

The new rechargeable Steel Eye will sell for $179.95.

One thought on “New PNI Steel Eye Rechargeable”

  • eddye salvioni
    eddye salvioni May 3, 2006 at 9:15 pm

    hi i'm looking for a rechargeable detector for my bike i'm undecided between pni rw 3100 and whistler1788 my main concern is which one has the best visual display during the day,also detection ability.if the battery life is really better in pni? any comment on the matter is very much appreciated.

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