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Universal Radar Detector Windshield Mount

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Quick Overview

The Universal Radar Detector Windshield Mount allows you to secure your radar detector or GPS antenna right where you need it inside your vehicle. The mount installs easily without any tools and can be removed or transferred to another vehicle in seconds. Also works great for E-ZPass and garage door openers!

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The Universal Radar Detector Windshield Mount allows you to secure your radar detector or GPS antenna right where you need it inside your vehicle. The mount installs easily without any tools and can be removed or transferred to another vehicle in seconds. To install, just choose the desired location on the front windshield or rear window, lift the locking lever, position the suction cup, and depress the lever for firm and secure suction. It's that easy.

Optional accessories for the Universal Radar Detector Windshield mount include the Circular Adhesive Dashboard/Console Disk and the Mini Friction Dashboard/Bean Bag Mount.

The Universal Radar Detector Windshield Mount comes complete with suction mount, hook and loop fastener tape and two adhesive backed metal plates to accommodate GPS antennas with built-in magnets. Includes a 90 day manufacturer's warranty.

Also works great for E-ZPass and garage door openers!

Included with the Universal Radar Detector Windshield Mount

  • Suction Mount
  • Two Adhesive Backed Metal Plates
  • Hook and Loop Fastener Tape
  • Owner's Manual and Installation Guide

Universal Radar Detector Windshield Mount Accessories

Circular Adhesive Dashboard/Console Disk
Mini Friction Dashboard/Bean Bag Mount

Additional Information

  1. It's a best mount ever made. review by Rob on 4/18/2017

    I was so impressed I bought two. In Wisconsin the weather changes about every 5 minutes. Unless I am trying to remove it it has seen record highs lows humidity wind and this little guy stays the course. Now if only everything else would stay like it does.

  2. Very good item!! review by jjsleeper on 4/3/2016

    I bought 2 of these to use in my vehicles for my radar detectors and they work very well. The suction cups stick really well to the windshield.

  3. perfect mount review by wolfpack on 10/20/2015

    It's mounted all the time and works perfect.

  4. Nice windshield mount. review by tlappert on 4/27/2015

    fast shipping, good price, good product, I'm happy.

  5. Not for Whistler CR85 radars review by Someone on 9/10/2014

    The angle of the windshield prevents proper placement of radar detector.

  6. Universal Radar Detector Windshield Moun review by Bob on 9/4/2014

    This was very easy and simple to use and function was great

  7. Perfect for the Job review by Speed Triple Pilot on 3/3/2014

    I needed a mount for under the windscreen on my Triumph Speed Triple. With a little modification, this mount worked perfectly. The enclosed Velcro holds the unit in place just fine. It is stable on the bike, and will be even better in a car/truck environment.

  8. Beltronics PRO 500 review by Dan on 2/8/2014

    Pros I get rare false alarms, picks up various speed traps and lights with cameras, allows for a pleasant drive without lots of noise. Cons: Sometimes radar warnings are only a few seconds away, might have to do with placement or road conditions, ie. hills or turns.

  9. Works as intended. review by Neil on 12/23/2013

    Suction cups are a drag!! They only last so long and you have to replace them. This gadget works. I put on the Velcro and attached it to my windshield a month ago. It hasn't budged!! I recommend it!!

  10. Works like it is supposed to review by twister99 on 6/24/2013

    It works great on the windshield of my 2 06 Chevy trucks

  11. Great Product review by David on 4/11/2013

    The product is very handy for mounting a variety of devices from a radar detector to a GPS or even cell phone.

  12. Obstructed range review by Wezel on 3/21/2013

    The windshield mount sticks good to my front windshield but the mount itself blocks my detector view therefore, obstructing the direction of the radar from my radar detector. And I am not sure if the pedal is strong enough over time to hold up the radardetector.

  13. Nice Quality Mount review by skate or die on 2/19/2013

    I removed the small metal insert off both my broken over priced oem mounts. I then milled the width on these and added some nice Hardware store low profile screws and nuts and presto... Happy customer. You may choose to go the velcro route as its quick and easy and requires no mods. Hi quality clear suction cup / hi quality mount... not the flimsy plastic stuff. these are nice and built to last.

  14. i would buy this again review by cv on 12/3/2012

    easy installation

  15. Works well and easy to use,excellent review by deerhunter45 on 11/6/2012

    easy to install,works well

  16. The base weighs down from detector review by DeWey on 11/1/2012

    auto volume when being alerted is a great feature

  17. very good product review by Aldo on 8/6/2012

    Easy to use very practical

  18. mount works very well for detector & gps review by robinhood on 8/3/2012

    product used for radar detector & gps receiver antenna

  19. Nice mount review by fsd1958 on 8/2/2012

    Very nice mount, holds my radar detector in proper position.

  20. Works nice after a little mod works. review by Ray on 6/14/2012


  21. Excellent mounting platform. review by majorp44 on 6/8/2012

    I fabricated my own dash mount using plexiglass that I shaped into a 3 1/2" diameter circle, and used double sided tape, works great. Note: Make sure to clean the area with alcohol before applying tape.

  22. I would buy this product again review by deester on 1/18/2012

    Purchased the universal windshield mount as a gift for a friend. She loves it. It stays on the windshield. The one that came with her radar detector always fell down and was not only annoying, but dangerous when you're on the road.

  23. Universal Windshield Mount review by Jrossept on 1/17/2012

    Works as advertised all OK.

  24. very strong mount review by T on 8/15/2011

    Much better than the provided Oem MOUNT

  25. Best mount for my Passport review by Brad on 6/27/2011

    My windshield angle is such that the detector looks through the mount foot. Not a problem I hope, so far so good. Platform could be an inch higher but then would be too short or it would hit the windshield. If the cup were used with a top mount for the detector it would be perfect but Passport should work on that. Much better than what came with the detector!

  26. Would buy this product again review by Ryan on 3/16/2011

    Easy to get your radar detector attached and suctioned to where it needs to be. Also easy to unsuction for storage when not using it.

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