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BlendMount Beltronics Escort radar detector mount mounting kit

  • BlendMount keeps your radar detector in front and out of the way

    BBE-2000-INFO2.jpgAs you probably know, radar detectors not physically installed or hard wired into a vehicle are usually mounted toward the front of it in one of two ways, either stuck to the dashboard or stuck to the windshield, typically using suction cups. For the most part, this method of attachment works reasonably well, with a few caveats. Suction cups that don't maintain suction, those that mark up or discolor the surface of the windshield glass over prolonged use (sometimes permanently) and loose, dangling wires obstructing your view of the road are all common complaints. But what if you could eliminate all of those annoyances and keep your radar detector within reach? What if you could mount it rigidly and securely, yet with great flexibility? Well, guess what? Now you can, with a BlendMount.

    BlendMount mounts your Beltronics, Escort or Valentine One radar detector directly to your rear view mirror. This innovative solution greatly reduces or eliminates the clutter from your windshield or dashboard associated with traditional mounting kits. BlendMount tucks the detector neatly under the mirror. It fastens securely to the mirror so it won't slip, slide or "lose suction". Yet it's also adjustable, featuring a bracket that can rotate 20 degrees so you can position your radar detector for the best coverage and performance possible.

    The BlendMount mirror mount system also allow your detector to be more discreet and out of the way. Without the windshield and dashboard clutter, you can see more of the road ahead instead of all the stuff in front of it. This helps you concentrate on driving and promotes safety.

    For an even cleaner and more discreet mounting solution, the BlendMount can be hard wired into your auto-dimming or powered rear view mirror with the optional MirrorTap Power Cord. This 24 gauge wire cord with braided flexible sleeve and 2 amp inline fuse taps directly into the wire harness of your mirror and connects to 12V power in your vehicle. The installation is easy and can be completed in a few minutes. However, for those who are not inclined to do it themselves, an optional InstallCard Direct Wire Installation service can be purchased with the BlendMount for professional installation.

    BlendMount is made of hand crafted black anodized aluminum and is durable, lightweight and secure. It is also made in the USA. BlendMount is custom designed for each vehicle and there is a version available for most popular makes and models, although not all. Before purchasing a BlendMount, check this list to find out which BlendMount fits your vehicle!

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