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Monthly Archives: July 2009

  • Escort Redline Radar Detector: Just Announced

    The news is now out, and some details about the new Redline Radar detector from Escort have emerged. If you have been waiting for a radar detector that is just pure all-out performance, well you now have what you have been waiting for. Here's a quote from Escort:

    Our team of engineers have created the most sensitive radar/laser detector period. RedLine provides the longest range for every signal out there.

    The Redline uses digital signal processing to keep the number of false alerts down while still providing long range detection. This is not an Escort 9500ix, if you place it in Highway mode, you probably do not want to be in a dense urban area. The same can be said of many radar detectors however.

    Summary: High sensitivity, long range capability, shielded, no frills for $499.95.

    Escort states that the Redline is capable of detecting small amounts of laser light even if the source is off-axis. Most detectors have poor laser detection capabilities, so this would be a welcome improvement. The Redline is also using the magnesium casing that makes the Bel STi Driver radar detector so popular. Yup, the Redline is shielded to make it undetectable by radar detector detectors.

    Escort Redline Radar Detector
    The Redline will have voice alerts, and a simple but clear display with brightness controls, auto muting, and all of the standard accessories. It looks like the travel case is a hard case and not a soft canvas bag even.

    So how well will it work? The Redline is using a dual antenna design that is tuned specifically for each band. Escort says that this will provide very long range detection abilities, including against POP mode. We can not wait to see some real world test to see how it compares.

    The Redline Radar Detector by Escort is going to offer the long range detection, high sensitivity usually only found in their high-end radar detector systems. This is not a radar detector for everyone, indeed it looks like it is intended to be a competitor to the Valentine One. Most people will never need the range/sensitivity, but do need more filtering options, false signal lockouts, and GPS based camera notifications.

    Those that are looking for pure high performance should be a lot happier today with the introduction of what we think will be a very impressive radar detector. Contact us today to let us know what you think.

    No word yet on availability. Be sure to check our blog for updates!

  • What is Setting Off Your Radar Detector!

    Recently while driving down Interstate 485 my detector kept reporting activity every time I was near an overpass. A RADAR DRONE! Yup, some agencies place cheap radar emitters near the highway to set off an alarm. Not sure if I would call it a true false alarm. This has been going on for a while now, but it seems their use is increasing. I would even say that their use in construction zones is a good idea to help slow people down.

    Ok, arguments about how truly useful these are aside, here are a few ways that detectors help to deal with drones and other false alerts.

    If you have a radar detector with a multi threat display such as the Bel Professional Series RX65 or Escort Passport 8500 X50 Black and you drive in an area with drones, you will be alerted if police are also nearby and trying to use the drones to hide their radar signal.

    For those with radar detectors such as the Escort Passport 9500ix, they will mark and filter them out just like any other false signal after detecting them a few times.

    Some of these drones use an uncommon frequency, such as X band, and can be safely manually filtered. Many radar detectors such as the Bel STi Driver radar detector also display the specific band frequency, and will help to differentiate between the band the drone uses and actual police radar.

    So add drones to the list of things that will set off a detector (door openers, radar cruise control sensors, etc...)

  • Not a Whistler Radar Detector, a Whistler RLC-100 Redlight Detector

    That is correct, this post is not about a Whistler radar detector. It is not even about a radar detector by Escort or Bel. I would like to introduce you to Whistler's foray into the world of redlight camera warning systems, the Whistler RLC-100.

    The Whistler RLC-100 is a complete warning system, it compares your current GPS location with an on-board database of red light and speed camera locations and alerts you when you are near one. The database is updateable and the RLC comes with a free one year subscription. It is also very compact and takes up very little room.

    Whistler RLC-100
    One of the things we like most about it, it has a secondary power outlet so you can connect a radar detector or other 12 volt device to it (Interface cable sold separately - Radar detectors that use a phone style jack will also need to use our Bel / Escort Barrel Power Cord Adapter). This means fewer power cords dangling everywhere using up your car's power outlets.

    This is a very affordable GPS enabled warning system. You will not be relying on a redlight camera "service" or website for inconsistent updates, or have to constantly check your location on a phone or navigation display while driving.

    With more and more cities installing redlight and speed cameras, a good warning device is almost a necessity to avoid overpriced fines. Failing to come to a complete stop before turning right in some places is now a $100 ticket. Not to mention all of the yellow lights that now last only a few seconds to catch as many people as possible driving under them.

    We have the Whistler RLC-100 ready to ship for $79.99!

  • Why Are Cities with Redlight Cameras Fining You?

    A question, if the use of redlight cameras is to reduce the number of wrecks, improve safety, catch those that do not use cowardly devices, then why do they issues fines? If this is about safety, should they not make you attend a driving safety class, make you wear a funny hat, or just call and yell at you. "Drive safer, we saw you run that light, maniac!"

    Ok, I know fines are a great motivator. However the people in River Forest, Illinois want to know "...whether the village's desire to have red light cameras was a safety or money issue." The people in River Forest wanted to lower the fines, and some interesting information slipped out.

    It seems that the people who install the redlight cameras make about $36 per ticket issued, then police have to have people review and issue tickets. So for the process to be cost effective it runs up to $100 a fine.

    Village President John Rigas said he'd spoken with River Forest Police Chief Frank Limon, who said there was only one type of red light violation. Whether people failed to stop on a right turn or simply ran the light, there was a violation of the law, Rigas said.

    That can be a lot of money for just not coming to a complete stop to turn right on a redlight. The truth is they are using them to make money, not improve driving safety. The people selling the cameras are making even more money. So if you live in a city with cameras, make sure to tell them thanks for making the camera operators rich.

    I doubt any of us want people to run redlights, but making the lights shorter to "catch" people, and putting people making a turn on red in the same category out of greed is irresponsible. Make sure you are warned about the intersections with cameras, and please contact us if you have any questions about redlight camera protective devices, or if you are looking for a radar detector.

  • The Best Radar Detector Under $100!

    Sometimes you need a good budget radar detector. You have your eyes set on a certain hardcore radar detector, but for now you just want one for around $100. Well give the Whistler Pro 68 radar detector a look. It has a nice set of features for the money, including 3 City modes and filter modes for a reduction in false alerts, radar, laser, POP, and instant on detection, and a signal strength indicator. This may be the best radar detector around for under $100.

  • If You Use A Redlight Camera Warning Device You Are a Dirty Coward!

    Well this story has been making its way around. Many of you probably have already read it, but for the rest of you, here is a quick summary. Essentially the police chief of Washington DC, Cathy Lanier, is saying that those who have GPS redlight warning systems such as this one are using a "cowardly tactic".

    She is actually upset that people are being warned about dangerous intersections. Because that is why the police have cameras there right, to make them safer. They are not shortening the lights in order to make money are they? Are the body repair shops around DC owned by the police? Just wondering. So prove your courage to Catchy Lanier, get in some more crashes! Turn all of DC into a giant demolition derby! Wimps! So what about insurance, or repair bills, lets smash some cars!

    Those that read our blog know the truth about these cameras, and our stance on them.

    Ok, for the rest of the month, if you live in the DC metro area, we are giving 10% off of every product that warns of redlight cameras, and related defensive products. We will need you to call us, and the billing and ship to address needs to be in the DC area. So give us a call, and until then be careful out there.

    So show your cowardice! Buy a redlight camera protective device.

  • A Radar Detector for Everyone!

    We get a lot of questions about what radar detector is the best deal around. Anyone that reads this blog knows that we like every Whistler radar detector model, but that does not mean they have the best budget radar detector for everyone.

    If you are looking for a radar detector with very fast detection capabilities, or Ku band detection we have a detector you may like. The Bel Vector 995 Radar Detector has Ku band detection and is a very good radar detector for the price. It has fast detection speeds, good filtering, and has a great informational display.

    Also, if you are looking for a radar detector that can also be easily used with other defensive gear for even more protection, you will want to give the Vector 995 a look. You can add some Laser Veil for better protection from laser, and even connect it to the Cincinnati Microwave ZR4 Laser Defense System (The two are made to work together!). Later, I would add the Cheetah GPS Mirror to have complete protection from radar, laser, and cameras. This is a surprisingly affordable upgrade path for those that want to build a good protective system over time.

    We currently have a special on a Beltronics 995 and Veil combo to help get you started. For $314.94 you will have a great Beltronics radar detector, and Laser Veil. Call us if you have any radar detector questions.

  • Radar Detector Theme Song!

    A fun song is making the rounds here at Buy Radar Detectors and I thought I would share it with all of you. So here is a song about a radar detector by Darwin Deez. Enjoy, and feel free to comment and let us know your favorite radar detector or driving related song. Me, I like Radar Love.

  • Time to Tax Your Driving

    A news article recently caught our attention here at Buy Radar Detectors. The federal government is looking into using GPS to tax how much everyone drives. GPS devices would be placed in everyone's cars and once a month the information would be uploaded and you would be sent a bill. They plan to then repeal the tax on gasoline. The plan calls for having this in effect by 2020. Combine this with the blog post I did just a bit ago about using GPS to monitor everyone's speed for even more fun!

  • Red Light Cameras in the News, Again...

    Readers of this blog know that I do not like red light cameras. If anything they cause wrecks since the people that install them also shorten the yellow lights. They often tell the city "shorter yellow lights means more tickets and more money!" They leave off the "...and cause more car wrecks" part. Notice I did not call these automotive accidents, nothing accidental about planned crashes.

    Well over in Schaumburg, Illinois they are getting rid of red light cameras. According to a story on ars technica, Schaumburg, a suburb of Chicago, had some cameras put in to help prevent accidents. They thought they were doing a good thing, and help to make some dangerous intersections safer. The cameras did nothing, well they did make a lot of money from people making right hand turns that did not come to a complete stop.

    So, people complained, the city realized that cameras were not reducing wrecks, so Schaumburg is getting rid of the cameras.

    Yup, the city noticed that the cameras do nothing to improve safety. If a city wants to improve intersections, perhaps they should invest in better traffic lights and they way the intersection is designed and heavy traffic is managed. Fix the roads first! So if you have red light cameras where you live, ask them if they are all about money and why they do not care about your safety.

    Until then, we will continue to provide defensive products to protect you from the cameras. Drive safe, and drive smart!

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