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Red Light Cameras in the News, Again...

Readers of this blog know that I do not like red light cameras. If anything they cause wrecks since the people that install them also shorten the yellow lights. They often tell the city "shorter yellow lights means more tickets and more money!" They leave off the "...and cause more car wrecks" part. Notice I did not call these automotive accidents, nothing accidental about planned crashes.

Well over in Schaumburg, Illinois they are getting rid of red light cameras. According to a story on ars technica, Schaumburg, a suburb of Chicago, had some cameras put in to help prevent accidents. They thought they were doing a good thing, and help to make some dangerous intersections safer. The cameras did nothing, well they did make a lot of money from people making right hand turns that did not come to a complete stop.

So, people complained, the city realized that cameras were not reducing wrecks, so Schaumburg is getting rid of the cameras.

Yup, the city noticed that the cameras do nothing to improve safety. If a city wants to improve intersections, perhaps they should invest in better traffic lights and they way the intersection is designed and heavy traffic is managed. Fix the roads first! So if you have red light cameras where you live, ask them if they are all about money and why they do not care about your safety.

Until then, we will continue to provide defensive products to protect you from the cameras. Drive safe, and drive smart!

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