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If You Use A Redlight Camera Warning Device You Are a Dirty Coward!

Well this story has been making its way around. Many of you probably have already read it, but for the rest of you, here is a quick summary. Essentially the police chief of Washington DC, Cathy Lanier, is saying that those who have GPS redlight warning systems such as this one are using a "cowardly tactic".

She is actually upset that people are being warned about dangerous intersections. Because that is why the police have cameras there right, to make them safer. They are not shortening the lights in order to make money are they? Are the body repair shops around DC owned by the police? Just wondering. So prove your courage to Catchy Lanier, get in some more crashes! Turn all of DC into a giant demolition derby! Wimps! So what about insurance, or repair bills, lets smash some cars!

Those that read our blog know the truth about these cameras, and our stance on them.

Ok, for the rest of the month, if you live in the DC metro area, we are giving 10% off of every product that warns of redlight cameras, and related defensive products. We will need you to call us, and the billing and ship to address needs to be in the DC area. So give us a call, and until then be careful out there.

So show your cowardice! Buy a redlight camera protective device.

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