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Monthly Archives: May 2009

  • Radar Detector Firmware Versions and Updates

    Radar detector manufacturers tend to update the software on their detectors several times per year. The changes made by these software updates vary from tweaks in filtering to new feature additions. We buy in smaller quantities, so we typically get fresh inventory direct from the manufacturer once or twice per month. This means you never get older, dated units when you buy from us! Many people do not realize that there are a lot of "out of date" radar detectors out there.

    Also, many radar detectors can be updated. Most have to be sent back to the manufacturer and for a small fee they will update you to the latest version of firmware. A few detectors (with USB ports) though can be updated direct from the manufacturer's website.

    Do not assume that just because the model of radar detector is a current one it is also the most up to date and "best" available. Here are Buy Radar Detectors we go to a lot of effort to make sure that the radar detector you purchase is the very latest. We are able to do this because we have great relationships with the manufacturers. We are not a chain of warehouse stores that places one order every six months. We are talking with them constantly about new radar detectors since we are a company for radar detector enthusiasts run by enthusiasts.

  • Are Speed Control Devices Your Future?

    Over on slashdot.com, there is an article on a new device that will use GPS to monitor your speed. It will first warn you then even slow down your vehicle if you continue to speed. Britain and Australia are now set to test these out. In Britain at least they want to try them on taxis and buses first, something I don't think many in London would object to. I do not believe this will be implemented in every vehicle in the UK however.

    The technology to do this has been around for quite a while. A lot of commercial vehicles have speed limiters that essential do this already, there are also a lot of vehicles that come from the factory with a top speed limit programmed in. Many of you are also now mentally listing a lot of reasons why this will not work in the long run: not able to respond to emergencies, false data creating the wrong speed limit, creating traffic problems from a software bug, and all of the resulting court cases from all of these. I also do not feel like I need to discuss the fact that we are not condoning aggressive driving or speeding so much as being controlled by some arbitrary device. That is another topic for another time. The simple fact it, this will create more problems than it would ever solve.

    The reason I think you will not see wide spread adoption of this in the US. Money. Many city and county governments use traffic fines as a major source of income. You will notice I did not say law enforcement officers there. While that is true some of the time, it is a lot more complicated than that. Many municipal governments view drivers as a way to make money not just the local police. Truth is, many law enforcement officers hate traffic stops and would rather do something else. This is also related to the shortening of yellow lights as soon as a red light camera is installed.

  • The Whistler Pro 78SE and XTR-690SE Radar Detectors Have Just Arrived!

    Hey everyone! Well the delivery from Whistler just showed up. We even have a picture of them on my desk.

    The Whistler Pro 78SE and Whistler XTR-690SE Radar Detectors!
    Whistler Pro 78SE and Whistler XTR-690SE

    We are going to start shipping these out NOW! If you preordered one you will have it in a few days. If you were waiting to order one, now is a good time. We also hope to have some more reviews of the new radar detectors, as always you can contact us with questions, or even send your personal performance review of the Whistler Pro 78SE and/or XTR-690SE in. It may even show up here on our radar detector blog.

  • The Speed Trap Hunter YouTube Channel

    The people over at the Speed Trap Hunter forum now have a Speed Trap Hunter YouTube Channel. The guy behind it all, The Speed Trap Hunter, has pioneered the style of real world testing recorded on video. Many people try to copy his original style, but no one can come close to his knowledge, experience, and integrity. These videos are great. We are not talking about just a few either, there are over 40 with more being added constantly. It does not matter if you are just looking for some truthful reviews of radar detectors or a car nut, there is something there for everyone!

    Also, don't forget to go and check out the Speed Trap Hunter's forum. There you will find even more reviews, stories, automotive news, and the Speed Trap Hunter himself. There are a lot of, well, questionable products out there. Your only way to avoid spending too much money on something that does not work is by finding a rare, independent, educated reviewer. Thanks Speed Trap Hunter!

  • Veil Guy Reviews the Beltronics STi-R Concealed Radar Detector

    Over on his blog, the Veil Guy has a new, and very thorough, review of the Beltronics STi-R Concealed Radar Detector. This is one of the top of the line detectors available, and you will have a hard time finding any reviews of at all, let alone one with the Veil Guy's signature real world testing style. Add to this the unbiased and very honest approach he takes in every review and you will not find a better, more objective look at one of the best high-end radar and laser detectors available.

    He is not going to give you some marketing fluff. Instead he installed and documented how it performed, and not over some weekend. He used it for quite a while in everyday driving in addition to just "testing" it. With years of experience and a tremendous amount of knowledge, you will not find many better reviews of radar and laser detectors out there.

    While you are there, go and check out the rest of his blog. It is always insightful and a tremendous resource for the first time shopper, radar detector enthusiast, and informed drivers. So go and check it out now!

  • Radar Detector Brackets and Power Cords

    Do you find yourself needing a new windshield bracket for you radar detector? If your suction cups are the problem, first check out our tips on freshening your windshield bracket suction cups. Ok, still need an entirely new bracket, well here are our windshield brackets for Beltronic, Cobra, Escort, and Whistler radar detectors.

    Do you also need a power cord? Well here is our list of radar detector power cords and hard wire kits. Beltronics, Escort, and Whistler all have "enhanced" power cords as well as the standard ones. The enhanced cords typical provide an alert light and/or a mute button right on the plug, which is quite convenient if you have a steep windshield that makes your detector a tough reach. Beltronics and Escort have enhanced direct wire kits as well.

    You might also want to look at our cigarette lighter adapters and splitters!

  • A Guide to Buying a Radar Detector, Things to Consider Before You Start Shopping

    As with many things, shopping for a radar detector can be a bit confusing. This short buyers guide is aimed at helping you buy the right radar detector for your needs. A lot of websites will tell you to buy either the most expensive one, a brand they like, or just sell you what everyone else seems to order. While you may get a good radar detector that way, you probably are not getting the one you need for your specific driving requirements.

    So before you even start looking at radar detectors there are five simple questions:

    1. What is your price range? Don't spend more than you are comfortable spending. While top of the line radar detectors have amazing performance and great features; there are a few detectors that perform very well at sometimes half the price of a top-end model. You may not get cutting edge performance, but you will still have a quality detector at a great price.

    2. Where do you drive? Different radar detectors work better in certain driving environments. Some work great on the open road, but in town they will constantly be going off due to poor filtering, or do not work as well in hilly areas. So do you drive a lot on the highway, in a dense city, where there are a lot of hills and turns? If red light or speed cameras are used in your area, you may want to consider a GPS enabled radar detector.

    3. What type of radar (or laser) is most common where you drive? Many radar detectors are able to detect different bands better than others. This one may take a bit of research but may narrow down what you are looking for.

    4. What features are you interested in? Are you looking for a detector that will also warn you of traffic cameras, or have voice alerts? Do you want a certain type of display? Is stealth and concealment the most important thing?

    5. How old is that radar detector? Ok, you found a detector for a great price and it meets your driving needs, but how old is it? Is it several years old? You can often get a much better detector at the same price by purchasing one that is current. The manufacturers are constantly making updates to the performance of the devices. For more information on this, check out this article on radar detector firmware.

    Now that you have figured out the type of detector you are looking for we have some resources and tools you may want to use. First off, our radar detector blog. We try to keep you up to date with new detectors and unbiased reviews. Next, we recommend the Speedtrap Hunter Forum. Chances are there is a post that will answer most of your questions. We also have a product smart search feature you may like, and if you want to compare two detectors, we also have a radar detector comparison tool. And don't forget the search tool at the top of the page and our radar detector help center.

    We hope this guide helps you find the best radar detector for your driving needs. One that you will be glad you own. Contact us with any questions you have and we will help you find a detector (or detectors) that will provide the protection you want. We want to match up the detector with the driver, and not just email you a "performance" chart, or the sales copy off of the back of the box.

  • Still Waiting on Whistler Pro 78 SE and XTR-690 SE Radar Detectors (Updated)

    Well, we are still waiting on the Whistler Pro 78 SE and XTR-690 SE Radar Detectors. We have told everyone in our Receiving department they cannot leave until the shipment from Whistler arrives. I have gone around to every truck in North America and placed tracking devices. A satellite may or may not have been placed on surveillance alert. We even called Whistler.

    Sorry all but we will let you know when the Pro 78 SE and XTR-690 SE are in. It looks like that May 8th date is going to slip to next week. This blog and the site will be updated when we get some solid information. We are waiting for them to arrive, just like many of you, and are just as frustrated, but these things happen. For all those that pre-order, we are going to include a free Two Port Cigarette Lighter Adapter with USB Port as thanks for your continued patience. As we all sit here waiting on Whistler, just think about our people in the warehouse, they get a bit testy when not allowed to leave.

    Quick update (5/19)! The radar detectors have just arrived and we are now shipping them out!

  • The Veil Guy Reviews the Whistler Pro 78 SE and XTR-690 SE Radar Detectors!

    Once again the Veil Guy has managed to get some Whistler radar detectors for review way before everyone else. He has friends everywhere I tell you! As always he gives a thorough real world review of the Whistler Pro 78 SE and XTR-690 SE, and not some useless 1-10 score based on anecdotal information off of the packaging or a press release. So if you want to see these devices being used and how they compare, go check out Veil Guy's review now!

    We are still hoping to have the Whistler Pro 78 SE and XTR-690 SE Radar Detectors in this week, er today or tomorrow. If not, we will try to let everyone know.

    I volunteered to go get them personally, but was told by Whistler that they are getting ready to ship them. I had a cool 18 wheeler, basset hound named Fred, and a black Trans Am all picked out, we even had a theme song to use. Well that will have to wait until next time.

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