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Radar Detector Brackets and Power Cords

Do you find yourself needing a new windshield bracket for you radar detector? If your suction cups are the problem, first check out our tips on freshening your windshield bracket suction cups. Ok, still need an entirely new bracket, well here are our windshield brackets for Beltronic, Cobra, Escort, and Whistler radar detectors.

Do you also need a power cord? Well here is our list of radar detector power cords and hard wire kits. Beltronics, Escort, and Whistler all have "enhanced" power cords as well as the standard ones. The enhanced cords typical provide an alert light and/or a mute button right on the plug, which is quite convenient if you have a steep windshield that makes your detector a tough reach. Beltronics and Escort have enhanced direct wire kits as well.

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