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Still Waiting on Whistler Pro 78 SE and XTR-690 SE Radar Detectors (Updated)

Well, we are still waiting on the Whistler Pro 78 SE and XTR-690 SE Radar Detectors. We have told everyone in our Receiving department they cannot leave until the shipment from Whistler arrives. I have gone around to every truck in North America and placed tracking devices. A satellite may or may not have been placed on surveillance alert. We even called Whistler.

Sorry all but we will let you know when the Pro 78 SE and XTR-690 SE are in. It looks like that May 8th date is going to slip to next week. This blog and the site will be updated when we get some solid information. We are waiting for them to arrive, just like many of you, and are just as frustrated, but these things happen. For all those that pre-order, we are going to include a free Two Port Cigarette Lighter Adapter with USB Port as thanks for your continued patience. As we all sit here waiting on Whistler, just think about our people in the warehouse, they get a bit testy when not allowed to leave.

Quick update (5/19)! The radar detectors have just arrived and we are now shipping them out!

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