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Monthly Archives: March 2010

  • The Beltronics RX65, High Performance for a Great Price

    Are you looking to buy your first radar detector and want something that has high performance, but are not interested in some of the additional features found on top of the line models? Are you looking to upgrade from you current detector to a new, better performing one? Well you might want to look at the Beltronics Professional Series RX65. It does not quite have the range or sensitivity of a 9500ix or an STi Driver but it is very close.

    The Bel Professional Series RX65 has voice alerts, a Multiple Threat Display, KU band detection, and auto mute for $299.95 with free two day shipping. Here at Buy Radar Detectors we feel that the Bel RX65 is one of the best radar detectors available. The performance level comes close to the $500 radar detector level and has the features most people want.

    We have the RX65 here in stock and ready to ship out. And yes the blue display model cost more because the blue led display is a real pain to make. I asked what the reason was, and when I was told, I am surprised they even make them.

    Bel Professional Series RX65 Radar Detector (Red Display) $299.95 + Free Two Day Shipping

    Bel Professional Series RX65 Radar Detector (Blue Display) $339.95 + Free Two Day Shipping

    If you want, you can say this model has a 9 out of 10 Awesome! rating or some other nonsense. Honestly, everyone here at Buy Radar Detectors think such random ratings are meaningless. Many people just use them to sell what they like, not what works the best. Instead go out and read some reviews and see what other people have to say:

    Veil Guy has a great review.

    If you have any question, as always give us a call at 1-800-584-1445

  • The XTR-690 Radar Detector is Back!

    We have recently been able to find a long lost supply of Whistler XTR-690 radar detectors! They were hidden deep in the wilderness of Arkansas until just a few days ago! Once news that a cache of new XTR-690s had been found our specially trained radar detector experts jumped into action! We immediately were able to acquire the rare and elusive XTR-690 radar detectors for further study here at our radar detector lab. Before today they were only glimpsed in the wild in an employee's vehicle, only to be quickly hidden before it could be grabbed in jealousy!

    The Whistler XTR-690's performance is legendary and we are pleased to announce that we have a limited number available for a very low price! According to Whistler, the XTR-690 will deliver performance very similar to that of a high performance Bel or Escort model - at less than half the price!

    We have them here and ready to go for $99.99 and FREE SHIPPING!
    Again, our supply is limited, so if you have been wanting one, now is the time to get one before they are all gone!

  • Whistler RCL-100 and RLC-250 Software Updates are Available

    Just a quick post, if you have a Whistler-100 or RLC-250 new software updates are now available.

  • They Shorten the Yellow Lights!

    The cities that install red light cameras would not shorten the yellow lights would they? Even in towns that are not purposely trying to rip-off their citizens, the people installing the camera systems are. According to this article, Redflex in the city of League City, Texas has been busted doing just that!

    "The camera company installed cameras here like they have done elsewhere where they knew they could take advantage of the poor engineering and short yellow change intervals," Schirmbeck told TheNewspaper. "Instead of fixing the problem and seeing what effect that has they choose to profit from a dangerous situation."

    The practice of shortening yellow light intervals is very common because it is also very profitable. From the story:

    "A study by the Texas Transportation Institute found that violations jumped 110 percent when yellow light timing was reduced by one second under the bare minimum amount (view study). Conversely, the addition of one second beyond the bare minimum yielded a 40 percent collision reduction."

    So there you go. The cities and companies that put in red light cameras do not care about your safety. In fact they are making driving more dangerous on purpose so they can make money off of you. This is not a gray area, if you live where politicians have installed cameras they are purposefully endangering your safety to make money.

    Protect yourself with a red light camera detector. We have several to choose from and they might just save you from getting a ticket.

  • The Cobra XRS 9970G Radar Detector is Here!

    The Cobra XRS 9970G is Cobra's latest entry into the windshield radar detector market. This is a top of the line offering from Cobra, with GPS functionality and their new touch screen display. Many of you are fans of the feature rich Cobra radar detectors, and the 9970G is a great addition to their extensive line.

    Regular readers of this blog know that red light cameras continue to rip-off as many of you as possible. Having a good warning system is the best protection you can have in areas where crooked politicians have installed red light cameras. The 9970G offers a full GPS warning system and radar detector combined into one easy to use device.

    We like the detachable GPS module a lot, and is one of our favorite features on the 9960G. So we were very pleased to see that Cobra is continuing to use the easy to remove module. You can just unplug the module and connect it to your PC for updates, instead of having to remove the entire detectors like other integrated radar / red light camera detector models.

    The touch screen should make the 9970G even easier to use. Cobra has long had one of the best interfaces around. The large, full color touch screen is something that should enable you to quickly change the detector's settings.

    We have the Cobra 9970G radar detector here in stock and ready to ship for $239.95 with free shipping!

  • Another Buy Radar Detectors Contest!

    It is time for another of our popular contest here at Buy Radar Detectors. We often have a lot of demonstration items or trial products, and instead of taking them home with us, I am going to give a few away. They are not brand new, but pre-owned is a bit of a stretch.

    This contest is easy, be one of the first three to send us an email to: contest @ buyradardetectors.com (no spaces) and let us know where to mail the items to. We have a TollFree Protector for the first to respond, and a Black License Plate Frame for the second and third entry.

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