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The Beltronics RX65, High Performance for a Great Price

Are you looking to buy your first radar detector and want something that has high performance, but are not interested in some of the additional features found on top of the line models? Are you looking to upgrade from you current detector to a new, better performing one? Well you might want to look at the Beltronics Professional Series RX65. It does not quite have the range or sensitivity of a 9500ix or an STi Driver but it is very close.

The Bel Professional Series RX65 has voice alerts, a Multiple Threat Display, KU band detection, and auto mute for $299.95 with free two day shipping. Here at Buy Radar Detectors we feel that the Bel RX65 is one of the best radar detectors available. The performance level comes close to the $500 radar detector level and has the features most people want.

We have the RX65 here in stock and ready to ship out. And yes the blue display model cost more because the blue led display is a real pain to make. I asked what the reason was, and when I was told, I am surprised they even make them.

Bel Professional Series RX65 Radar Detector (Red Display) $299.95 + Free Two Day Shipping

Bel Professional Series RX65 Radar Detector (Blue Display) $339.95 + Free Two Day Shipping

If you want, you can say this model has a 9 out of 10 Awesome! rating or some other nonsense. Honestly, everyone here at Buy Radar Detectors think such random ratings are meaningless. Many people just use them to sell what they like, not what works the best. Instead go out and read some reviews and see what other people have to say:

Veil Guy has a great review.

If you have any question, as always give us a call at 1-800-584-1445

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