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Monthly Archives: February 2010

  • The 2010 Whistler Radar Detector Roundup! (Updated)

    We have already talked a bit about the new RLC 250 from Whistler, but they also have several new radar detectors coming out this year. Whistler is the leader in budget, quality radar detectors and everyone here at Buy Radar Detectors is a big fan. Some of us use them in our personal vehicles, and we have literally a warehouse of radar detectors to pick from!

    For 2010, there are a few new models and some that are an "upgraded" design over a previous model.

    OK, here is a quick list of the new 2010 models:

    And also the new RLC-250 (currently getting my vote for Best Car Gadget of 2010).

    One thing that we are interested in, we consider the Whistler PRO 68 to be one of the best (if not the best) radar detector available for under $100. The new Whistler PRO-68SE might be a very interesting model.

    I will update this list as we get the models here at our radar detector test lab. Also, we of course will continue to stock all of the existing models including the popular Whistler XTR-690 SE, Whistler PRO 78SE, and Whistler XTR-540 Radar Detector.

  • The Whistler RLC 250

    Whistler's new RLC 250 is their new entry into the line of red light and speed camera warning systems. Many RLC systems use a small monochrome display, the RLC-250 instead has a 1.6", easy to read, multi-color display. Like other RLC systems, the RLC-250 compares your current GPS location with an on-board database of red light and speed camera locations and alerts you when you are near one.

    Whistler RLC 250
    It is also a lot smaller than you might think. In the picture is a Whistler XTR 695 SE (I told you we had them in stock!), a Whistler RLC 100, and in the front is the Whistler RLC 250. It is much more compact than most radar detectors. Also, one thing many people overlook is that since you only need to have a clear GPS signal, it can be mounted just about anywhere on the dash. Yes, that means even on top of the driver's side console. Just make sure it has an unobstructed path for a clear GPS signal.

    One thing we do not like, it seems to be lacking the ability to plug a radar detector into it like you are able to do with the RLC 100. We really would have liked to have had that ability. I am sure many of you are like we are and have way too many gadgets already plugged in as it is. Well at least we have some cigarette lighter adapter / splitters available.

    If you have been looking for a compact RLC with a nice display, then give the RLC 250 a look. We have them here for $114.95. They are much cheaper than a ticket for not coming to a complete stop before turning right on a red light. Crooked politicians.

  • The Whistler XTR695 SE Radar Detector is Here!

    We now have them in stock. Yes, Whistler was being all stingy and not letting online retailers sell them. However, they changed their mind and now we have them here in stock and ready to ship out! The Whistler XTR-695 SE is one of the best radar detectors you can buy for the price. The XTR-695's performance is legendary, and Whistler has managed to further improve the design without losing the original's unique qualities.

    Whistler has long been the leader in affordable, quality radar detectors and the XTR-695 SE is no exception. If you have been looking for a budget friendly radar detector with great performance then give the XTR 695 SE a look. We have them ready to go for $174.95! If you have any questions at all, give us a call or send an email.

    And no, this is not a prank, we really do have them here at our radar detector headquarters. I had one on my desk even! Check back here on our radar detector blog later this week for another very interesting item we have from Whistler as well. One that I think many of you will like a lot.

  • Escort SC55 Safety Camera Locator

    Ok, that is not the best name for the device, but it is what Escort is calling it for now. SC55 Red Light Camera Detector / System is a bit more in-line with standard industry nomenclature. Escort SC55 will do though.

    The Escort SC55 is a new addition to devices that are able to warn you about red light and speed cameras. You know, those little cameras at stop lights that are installed by crooked politicians. Even though the cameras are being removed by any city with a sense of moral responsibility, they are still around and in use in many places.

    Escort Red Light Detector
    There are already several devices available that use GPS coordinates combined with a list of camera locations to warn you when you are near one. That way you can be aware that any yellow light will last about .00001 seconds and you might also be involved in a crash. The first step to avoiding a trap is knowing it is there.

    The Escort SC55 is here to help. Like other camera warning systems, it uses GPS location and a database. The SC55 is promising pinpoint GPS placement (not much good being warned after you go through an intersection) and an updatable, and accurate database. In fact the Escort's Defender™
    Database is rather highly regarded (and is the one currently used by Escort 9500ix and BELTRONICS Pro GX65 integrated RLC / radar detectors).

    We are looking forward to seeing how well the SC55 will do compared to other RLC devices currently available from Cheetah and Whistler.

    The SC55 will have an optional kit to connect to certain Escort and Beltronic radar detectors. If the SC55 will work with the Redline radar detector, it could make for a very versatile protective system. The SC55 should start at around $159.95 for the base model and $179.95 with the connector kit. The SC55 will be a great way to have GPS red light warning functionality for a good price. When you realize that the cost of a red light ticket is often that much (or more), the extra preventative warning is worth it.

    As soon as we have them here in our warehouse we will let all of you know. Unlike some websites, we stock every radar detector, red light camera system, laser jammer, and accessory we sell. They should be here in a few weeks.

    SC 55 Safety Camera Locator sounds like a diagnostic tool for use with security cameras though.

  • Cruiser Accessories License Plate Frames and Covers

    Some of the most popular accessories we carry are license plate frames and covers, so we are pleased to let all of you know that we have expanded our selection. The plate frames are perfect to use with the Super Protector and other red light / speed camera defense products and the plate covers work great with Laser Veil.

    One of the best features of the Cruiser frames is that they do not obscure or cover license plate numbers or other plate information. This means they are to legal in most states. If you have any questions regarding the allowable usage of plate frames and covers where you live, we recommend that you contact your local DMV office.

    The plate covers are very durable, and the TUF SHIELD plates are almost indestructible. If you are in an area where license plate theft is common, just add a set of locking fasteners for even more security. We have a great selection of frames, covers, and hardware available and ready to ship. Please contact us with any questions!

  • Radar Detectors are Illegal in Virginia, and They Will Stay That Way for Now

    The bill to repeal the ban on radar detectors failed to make it through the state's legislature. So for now the use of radar detectors in Virginia will continue to be illegal.

  • Escort has Changed the Solo S2 Radar Detector - Well Sorta

    The Escort Solo S2 Cordless Radar Detector is a favorite around here. While cordless radar detectors do not have the same performance of a "wired" model, the Solo 2 is still a very good radar detector. Also, it is perfect for motorcycles, and for those that need a detector that can easily be set-up and used with different vehicles.

    Escort Solo S2 Radar Detectos
    Escort has made some minor changes to the packaging of the Solo 2 model. On the left side of the picture is the old package, and on the right is the new one. The radar detector is staying the same, but it will now come with a soft case and an extra set of suction cups. The price is remaining the same at $339.95. Here at Buy Radar Detectors our opinion on soft cases is split. Many feel that it makes it easier to store, and is more rugged than the hard case. Others feel that the hard case provides better protection and is, well, nicer. We only have a few hard case models left, so if you want one, please call us at 1-800-584-1445 and specify that you want one.

  • Will Radar Detectors be Legal in Virginia This Week?

    The bill repealing the ban on the use of radar detectors in Virginia is to be voted on again today. If the bill passes, it will then move to the state's Senate. By the end of the week it might be legal to own and use a radar detector in all 50 states.

  • Radar Detectors in Virginia?

    In a follow-up to our last blog post, it looks like efforts to repeal the ban on radar detectors in Virginia are making some headway. According to this article the bill has now passed to Virginia's general assembly. Way to go! So should legalizing radar detectors in Washington DC be next?

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