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The Whistler RLC 250

Whistler's new RLC 250 is their new entry into the line of red light and speed camera warning systems. Many RLC systems use a small monochrome display, the RLC-250 instead has a 1.6", easy to read, multi-color display. Like other RLC systems, the RLC-250 compares your current GPS location with an on-board database of red light and speed camera locations and alerts you when you are near one.

Whistler RLC 250
It is also a lot smaller than you might think. In the picture is a Whistler XTR 695 SE (I told you we had them in stock!), a Whistler RLC 100, and in the front is the Whistler RLC 250. It is much more compact than most radar detectors. Also, one thing many people overlook is that since you only need to have a clear GPS signal, it can be mounted just about anywhere on the dash. Yes, that means even on top of the driver's side console. Just make sure it has an unobstructed path for a clear GPS signal.

One thing we do not like, it seems to be lacking the ability to plug a radar detector into it like you are able to do with the RLC 100. We really would have liked to have had that ability. I am sure many of you are like we are and have way too many gadgets already plugged in as it is. Well at least we have some cigarette lighter adapter / splitters available.

If you have been looking for a compact RLC with a nice display, then give the RLC 250 a look. We have them here for $114.95. They are much cheaper than a ticket for not coming to a complete stop before turning right on a red light. Crooked politicians.

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