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Monthly Archives: August 2009

  • Blinder M47 Laser Jammer, Updated and Better Than Ever!

    Not to be outdone by the new Blinder M27, the Blinder M47 X-Treme Laser Jammer is now in stock. The M47 is an upgrade over the previous Blinder M45 laser jammer. In addition to having improved laser detection and jamming, it is now software upgradeable. The jammer also has improved LEDs and interface. You are now able to download the latest software so you can detect and jam even the newest laser guns. The Blinder M47 also has multi-function/IR transponders that can be used as a parking sensor/garage door opener.

    The Blinder M47 provides true 360 degree jamming. Combine a Blinder along with a radar detector and GPS camera warning system for the best protection available. We have the Blinder M47 X-Treme Laser Jammer ready to ship for $749.00.00. If you have any questions, just give us a call!

  • Take a Redlight Camera to Court

    In previous post I have discussed redlight cameras and how they are only about making money. In some areas, citizens are taking their elected government officials to court to have the cameras removed. They have realized that redlight cameras are just a money making scheme. They have nothing to do about safety. A camera is never going to make driving safer, only active police involvement will. In Bradenton Florida, the city is being sued over the fact that, according to an article in the Bradenton Herald:

    Critics of the cameras say numerous cities in Florida, including Bradenton, are circumventing state law by putting up the cameras to make money under the guise of public safety.

    Now in a counter argument, the police chief Michael Radilowski sates that:

    "It is going to make a lot of money because red-light running is an epidemic here," Radzilowski said. "The bottom line is, don't run a red light if you don't want to pay a fine."

    So according to the police chief, people running redlights has become an "epidemic". To fix this vehicular epidemic that has turned the intersections of Bradenton into a demolition derby, they going to just install some cameras and issue tickets. So much for public safety. Why don't they, oh, have actual police go out to these known spots of daredevil driving.

    According to Bradenton Council member Marianne Barnebey:

    "We wouldn't have to do this if people were obeying the laws here," she said. "But innocent people are losing their lives."

    Are the people in Bradenton that bad at driving? Do they think that some camera will stop this with just a few tickets if she is telling the truth? Or are the people in charge of the safety and well being of the citizens of Bradenton a lot more interested in making money and using a lot of extreme reasoning to scare others into not challenging them.

    If you live in an area with these cameras, then fight to have them removed. If the city you live in is thinking about installing them, make sure the people who propose this never get elected to anything ever again. Until then we will continue to provide redlight camera warning systems and other countermeasures to help protect you. Keep safe!

  • Radar Detector Accessory Accidents Happen

    Now and then it happens, your cousin breaks the mount on your radar detector (ahem) or you pet eats a suction cup (at least it was not the cousin this time). You then find yourself in a bit of a mess. Do you duct tape the detector to the dash? Super glue it?

    Well here at Buy Radar Detectors we carry a lot of radar detector accessories. Here is list by make:

    Beltronics Radar Detector Accessories
    Cobra Radar Detector Accessories
    Escort Radar Detector Accessories
    Valentine Radar Detector Accessories
    Whistler Radar Detector Accessories

    We also carry the following accessories:

    Cigarette Lighter Adapters and Accessories
    Cell Mate Dash Pad
    Motorcycle Mounts
    Power Cords
    Windshield Brackets
    Radar Detector Installation Services
    Cheetah Accessories
    Alcohol Detectors
    License Plate Frames

    If you have any questions when trying to find a replacement power cord that your uncle lost, give us a call. Don't worry, we know you did not break that visor clip, it was your sister!

  • Redlight Cameras and Bumper Cars

    It seems that over in Des Plains Illinois, the citizens are tired of redlight cameras turning their intersections into bumper car rides. They just do not like crashing into other people like everyone in Washington DC. From the news story:

    "The problem is that people slam on their brakes when they know the intersection has a camera and the light turns yellow," said Brookman. "They won't dare go through a yellow and this causes rear-end crashes. Studies have shown that Red Light cameras lead to more crashes." He also said that drivers often approach intersections when the light is green and expect to travel through safely. However, if the light suddenly turns yellow and they're only a few feet from the intersection, they may not have time to stop unless their slam on the brakes creating a dangerous situation.

    So add another city to the list that wants these things gone. Redlight cameras are put in to make money, not improve driving safety. So if your town or city is looking to have them put in, ask where the money is going, because it is not about making your drive better.

    There are a lot of movies out there where someone is able to change the traffic lights which in turn causes a lot of wrecks. I wonder if the cities that install these cameras have people sitting around watching people crash into each other all day. That is worth paying them at least $100 a ticket, right?

    If you want to warned about where these cameras are, we have some very affordable redlight detectors and countermeasures. They are cheaper than a ticket, may save you from paying higher insurance rates, and also avoid having to get your vehicle repaired from playing bumper cars. Be careful out there.

  • Blinder M27, New and Improved!

    The new Blinder M27 X-Treme laser jammer is now here at our radar detector command center (also known as my desk) and is ready for shipping. This is an upgrade over previous Blinder laser jammers. It provides even better laser detection and jamming. It is also now software upgradeable, this way you will always have updated software to detect and jam all of the latest laser guns. The Blinder M27 also has multi-function/IR transponders that can be used as a parking sensor/garage door opener, or for you guys with low riding cars and trucks, a speed-bump-is-gonna-scrape sensor.

    Why should you get a Blinder? While Laser Veil Stealth Coating and a good radar/laser detector is a good laser countermeasure, often the time to slow down before being clocked is just a few seconds. Being able to jam the laser is the best solution. Combine a Blinder along with a radar detector and GPS camera warning system for the best protection available. We have the Blinder M27 for $479.00, here and ready to ship out. Give us a call if you have any questions!

  • Speaking of a Redline and Redlights

    So, has anyone else thought about taking the upcoming Escort Redline radar detector and a Whistler RLC-100 redlight camera detector and using them together? Now you might need some kind of interface cable and adapter to help keep all the wires nice and tidy. But if someone was to use both, it might make a great radar detection and GPS based camera warning system. Now if someone was to just sell the RLC-100 for a great price, and perhaps even tweet about it on twitter, that would be something.

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