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Redlight Cameras and Bumper Cars

It seems that over in Des Plains Illinois, the citizens are tired of redlight cameras turning their intersections into bumper car rides. They just do not like crashing into other people like everyone in Washington DC. From the news story:

"The problem is that people slam on their brakes when they know the intersection has a camera and the light turns yellow," said Brookman. "They won't dare go through a yellow and this causes rear-end crashes. Studies have shown that Red Light cameras lead to more crashes." He also said that drivers often approach intersections when the light is green and expect to travel through safely. However, if the light suddenly turns yellow and they're only a few feet from the intersection, they may not have time to stop unless their slam on the brakes creating a dangerous situation.

So add another city to the list that wants these things gone. Redlight cameras are put in to make money, not improve driving safety. So if your town or city is looking to have them put in, ask where the money is going, because it is not about making your drive better.

There are a lot of movies out there where someone is able to change the traffic lights which in turn causes a lot of wrecks. I wonder if the cities that install these cameras have people sitting around watching people crash into each other all day. That is worth paying them at least $100 a ticket, right?

If you want to warned about where these cameras are, we have some very affordable redlight detectors and countermeasures. They are cheaper than a ticket, may save you from paying higher insurance rates, and also avoid having to get your vehicle repaired from playing bumper cars. Be careful out there.

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