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Monthly Archives: June 2009

  • Where is that Radar Detector You Just Bought Coming From?

    Those of you who have placed an order know that often we will tell you that it will ship out the same day. How can we know that? Many other online stores will just sell what they have too many of in some warehouse on the other side of the country. We don't do that here. Our warehouse is connected to our offices here in Rock Hill, SC. This means we can easily check to see what we have, make sure we only stock the newest versions, and know when new items arrive.

    When I have questions on an item, I can get up, and walk over to our warehouse. I can go and pick it up, even see how many we have in stock. If there is a special request I can tell our folks in the warehouse in person. This level of communication means we can ship out your purchase very fast, keep our cost low, and not have to send multiple email and phone messages to some warehouse in another time zone.

    A lot of companies out there have an "office" of sales people who read scripted messages and have to look up every question in a help desk database. Then your order is sent to another location for payment and to another for processing. Finally your order is packaged and sent out from a warehouse used by multiple businesses. Yup, the same people sending out your radar detector also just sent out a new toaster and some patio furniture as well! They are not even in the same city as the sales people, they have never even spoken with them.

    Other businesses will just drop-ship an item. That is a fancy way of saying they have it sent by another company to you. You end up paying not one place, but two. Do not even get me started on people selling refurbished radar detectors as new. If they are not an authorized dealer beware, you will have no warranty, and who knows what you will get.

    By keeping all of our items at one location, it enables us to have a lot more control over how we send you your purchase. We do not ship from a random warehouse having never even seen what the item looks like. We can keep our prices low, inventory current, and can provide the customer service all of you look for.

  • Customer Review: Whistler XTR-695

    We just got a radar detector review from a customer and Danny wanted me to share it with all of you. Here at Buy Radar Detectors, we actually like to know what our customers think about all of the radar detector and protection products available. In our effort to help people find the best solution to their needs, we like to learn about everything we can. So if you have a review and would like to send it our way, please do! I can not promise it will show up here on our radar detector blog, but you never know!

    So thanks to Nhan V. Nguyen of Santa Rosa, California, a Traffic Radar/Laser Countermeasures Enthusiast, for a great review of the Whistler XTR-695. I hope the rest of you like it as much as we did!

    Our most appreciations: Accurate reading laser LSID with laser pps false alert lock-out feature. Accurate reading Ka RSID. LCD display with different colors assigned for different alerts and background colors. User friendly and most easy setup within seconds. Ka detection range is far superior than most RDs available on the market within the same price range. Laser detection is much better than most RDs within the same price range.

    Our most frustrations: LCD display works well when driving in early evening without direct sunlight or throughout the night otherwise it's unreadable during the daytime with direct sunlight regardless mounting positions on windshield. Excessive Ka false alerts in grossly RF polluted areas. Slot holding bracket does not fit tight causing the unit bounced off and makes it harder to read the display even at night.

    What we hope for: Tighter slot holding bracket like the Pro78SE. A new recessed LCD display window with much better contras and brightness. Better Ka guard filter to minimize Ka false alerts in grossly RF polluted areas.

    Our suggestions to XTR-695 owners:

    1. Turn Off POP reception and select filter mode to reduce Ka false alerts when you're in a highly RF polluted area.

    2. Turn Off X, K and Safety radar if you know for sure your local LEOs only use Ka band radar guns. Somehow by doing this, it'd also help to reduce Ka false alerts based on our own experience.

    3. XTR-695 will provide much better laser detection if it's low mounted on the windshield or if it is possible, dash mount it on driver side with unobstructed view so you can see its LCD display easier.

    4. The use of Veil G-4 for headlights, fog lights, chrome plated grills, license plate or plate cover (if it is illegal to use plate cover in your home state, the use On Track Laser Shield is highly recommended) in combination of XTR-695 is a must. This option is the most affordable traffic laser countermeasures if you can't afford active laser jammer such as blinder extreme or the likes...!

    Results from our own testing for XTR-695:

    Excellent KaRSID alert on Ka radar guns with 33.8GHz, 34.3GHz and 34.7GHz and almost as good as our reference V1.

    Excellent laserLSID alert within a distance approx. 2,500ft with accurate pps reading displayed if the unit is low mounted on the windshield or dash mounted.

    A few of our random radar and laser encounters:

    Incident #1: Driving through interstate 5 between San Joaquin county and Kern county both north bound and south bound, this area is known as "intense 34.7GHz Ka enforcement", XTR-695 alerted KaRSID 34.7GHz with distance approx. 1.5mile ahead.

    Incident #2: Laser speedtrap on north bound Hwy101 between Marin county and Sonoma county, this area is also know to most local commuters as "deadly random laser ambush". XTR-695 alerted LaserLSID100pps from distance approx. 2,000ft or less for the 1st strike and the 2nd strike at approx. 1,700ft. At that point, we knew that lidar operator did not get our speed reading from the 1st strike and thanks to Veil G-4, On Track Laser Shield, we survived that laser ambush.

    Incident #3: XTR-695 alerted KaRSID 34.3GHz constant-on from at least 1 mile behind our car. Finally motorcycle CHP officer passed us. We decided to follow him with a distance approx. 1 1/2mile, the alert continued on and finally stopped as the CHP officer disappeared on the freeway and the estimated distance was somewhere about 2.5miles.

    Well, what else can anyone could ask for from a $189 radar/laser detector?

  • Radar Detector Comparison Tool

    I know how it is, you have narrowed down what you are shopping for down to two items. The problem is it can be a bit frustrating when you are shopping online and trying to compare two items to find the one that is right for you. Well here are Buy Radar Detectors we have a tool you will like. Our Radar Detector Comparison tool lets you pick two radar detectors and then view the features they have in a side by side comparison. Click the question mark if you need more information on a feature.

  • The Whistler Pro 78 SE and XTR-690 SE Radar Detectors Are Back In Stock!

    That is correct. We have the Whistler Pro 78SE and the Whistler XTR-690SE back on our warehouse shelves. All backorders are now filled and on the way. We have a few left, so order now before they are gone.

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