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Where is that Radar Detector You Just Bought Coming From?

Those of you who have placed an order know that often we will tell you that it will ship out the same day. How can we know that? Many other online stores will just sell what they have too many of in some warehouse on the other side of the country. We don't do that here. Our warehouse is connected to our offices here in Rock Hill, SC. This means we can easily check to see what we have, make sure we only stock the newest versions, and know when new items arrive.

When I have questions on an item, I can get up, and walk over to our warehouse. I can go and pick it up, even see how many we have in stock. If there is a special request I can tell our folks in the warehouse in person. This level of communication means we can ship out your purchase very fast, keep our cost low, and not have to send multiple email and phone messages to some warehouse in another time zone.

A lot of companies out there have an "office" of sales people who read scripted messages and have to look up every question in a help desk database. Then your order is sent to another location for payment and to another for processing. Finally your order is packaged and sent out from a warehouse used by multiple businesses. Yup, the same people sending out your radar detector also just sent out a new toaster and some patio furniture as well! They are not even in the same city as the sales people, they have never even spoken with them.

Other businesses will just drop-ship an item. That is a fancy way of saying they have it sent by another company to you. You end up paying not one place, but two. Do not even get me started on people selling refurbished radar detectors as new. If they are not an authorized dealer beware, you will have no warranty, and who knows what you will get.

By keeping all of our items at one location, it enables us to have a lot more control over how we send you your purchase. We do not ship from a random warehouse having never even seen what the item looks like. We can keep our prices low, inventory current, and can provide the customer service all of you look for.

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