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Monthly Archives: September 2007

  • New Forum: SpeedTrapHunter.net

    A new countermeasures forum has recently been launched: SpeedTrapHunter.net. We have been truly impressed with how, in such as short time, these guys have been able to gather support from a number of manufacturers as well as industry experts. Representives from Blinder, Cheetah, OnTrack, Veil, and Whistler will be answering questions about their respective products as well as contributing to other discussions on the forum. Industry experts Carl Fors from SpeedingLimits will also be participating.

    With this type of support it seems certain that these guys will be successful, and we have decided to support their efforts. Effective immediately, our forum has been taken down and is redirecting to SpeedTrapHunter.net. Frank and myself will be participating on the forum, representing Buy Radar Detectors.

    This forum will be about a friendly, mature exchange of knowledge regarding the countermeasures industry. If you interested in this type of discussion, I would encourage you to join SpeedTrapHunter and help it grow. Post any questions you might have about detectors, jammers, photo enforcement, speeding tickets or other related topic, or just jump in and tell us about your experiences. With the wealth of knowledge provided by the members listed above, you are certain to get the best available advice.

  • Bel STi Driver / Escort 9500i Reviews

    Just want to point everyone to a couple of in-depth reviews of our high performance detectors from Bel and Escort, the Bel STi Driver and the Escort Passport 9500i. These reviews are by the Veil Guy, and are based on thousands of miles of actual driving experience.

  • Automated Photo Enforcement

    I just wanted to point out a couple very in-depth and well researched articles that were recently written by the Veil Guy.

    These articles examine the rapidly growing trend here in the United States toward automated traffic enforcement. Veil Guy explores the motivations behind these systems, and questions if we are moving in the right direction.

    I believe that these are important issues, and more people should be concerned. This really isn't just about running red lights. I'm afraid that we are in the process of becoming a more watched society, and the red light and speed cameras are just the beginning. Many cities, including Boston, have already received grants from the federal government for surveillance cameras. We have to decide as a society if we really want the government to have the ability to potentially watch our every public move, or if our constitutional right to privacy should prohibit these types of systems.

    Veil Guy has done a great service putting this information out there, and I encourage everyone to check it out.

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