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Monthly Archives: April 2007

  • Whistler Pro 78: Now Shipping!

    The much anticipated Whistler Pro 78 radar detector arrived today, and are now shipping! If you had placed a preorder with us for this model, then your order shipped today and you should have received an email with your tracking number.

    For those that aren't aware, the Whistler Pro 78 has the same re-engineered performance of the (much anticipated) XTR-690, and will replace the current Pro 73. Unlike the XTR-690, the Pro 78 will not have a compass, but it will have a better (intense blue text) display and auto display dimming. Like the XTR-690, it will offer a 3 year warranty.

  • Escort 9500i: In Stock and Shipping Now

    Just a quick note. We have received our first shipment of the Escort 9500i radar detector and they are now ready to ship! All of our pre-orders for this detector will ship today (4/11/07). As with all of our other in-stock products, if you place an order for the Escort 9500i through the web site before 4:00PM EST, it will ship the same day.

    This is a revolutionary new detector from Escort, and we're certain that it will be very popular! Please contact us if you have any questions.

  • Guys of Lidar Radar Detector Test - March 2007

    The Guys of Lidar, a group of radar detector enthusiasts, has posted the results of their March 2007 radar detector and laser jammer test. Unlike a few other testers, the Guys of Lidar do not declare winners - they only post the real numbers from the testing. Here are a few highlights:

    • The Bel STi Driver had less than stellar performance on one Ka frequency, but other than that the STi put up superb numbers!
    • The re-engineered Whistler models, the XTR-690 and Pro 78, showed considerable improvement over previous Whistler models. We had hoped that they would turn in performance challenging the $300 and up Bel and Escort models, but it doesn't look like they are there quite yet.
    • The Bel Vector 955 was the big surprise. A great showing for a sub-$200 model!

    Click below for the test results:
    March 2007 Radar Detector Test
    March 2007 Laser Jammer Test

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