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Guys of Lidar Radar Detector Test - March 2007

The Guys of Lidar, a group of radar detector enthusiasts, has posted the results of their March 2007 radar detector and laser jammer test. Unlike a few other testers, the Guys of Lidar do not declare winners - they only post the real numbers from the testing. Here are a few highlights:

  • The Bel STi Driver had less than stellar performance on one Ka frequency, but other than that the STi put up superb numbers!
  • The re-engineered Whistler models, the XTR-690 and Pro 78, showed considerable improvement over previous Whistler models. We had hoped that they would turn in performance challenging the $300 and up Bel and Escort models, but it doesn't look like they are there quite yet.
  • The Bel Vector 955 was the big surprise. A great showing for a sub-$200 model!

Click below for the test results:
March 2007 Radar Detector Test
March 2007 Laser Jammer Test

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