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Whistler's Dual LED Alert Periscope

With Whistler's new 2007 models, they are introducing a new feature called the "Dual LED Alert Periscope". The new models have two blue LED's positioned on top, near the rear of the detector. By default, these LEDs will flash rapidly during an alert.

The feedback that we've gotten from customers since we first announced this feature has been mixed. Some love, some think it will be annoying, and many are indifferent. One customer said that he was looking forward to it because he is hard of hearing, and sometimes he is unable to hear alerts. He was hoping that the flashing would be bright enough to catch his attention.

Since we just received our first shipment of the new models, I was excited to take a look at this new feature. On all models except for the XTR-140, there are three modes for this setting: ON, OFF, and BLINKING. Those who find the flashing lights annoying will like the OFF option. In ON, the LEDs are always on -- not just during an alert -- and are steady. With the BLINKING option, the lights are off until the detector alerts, and then the LEDs flash -- this option is the default.

I have not done a true road test with these Whistler radar detectors yet, but I did snap a few pictures with the lights off and on to get a sense of how visible the LEDs would be. My impression is that in the light the LEDs would be noticeable, but probably not enough to be counted on to grab you attention 100% of the time. At night, however, they stand out very well and would definitely grab your attention.
Whistler XTR-500 Periscope Test - Light
Whistler XTR-500 Periscope Test - Dark
I will test out one of these models in my car for a few days and update these results. Also, I look forward to hearing your feedback.

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