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Monthly Archives: May 2006

  • Whistler Fuzion Now Available

    We now have the Whistler Fuzion in stock. This new model is very similar to the Cruisader motorcycle detector, but it is equipped to be installed in a regular vehicle. The Cruisader was a popular model with "tuners" who liked that it would fit in a pillar gauge pod, but there were a few issues since it was intended to be installed on a bike. Whistler saw this as an opportunity, and now we have the Fuzion.

    The Fuzion isn't just a Cruisader with longer cables, it does offer a couple of enhancements. It includes a voice module, which means it provides your choice of voice or tone alerts. It also provides a programmable display, similar to the XTR-425 and XTR-560 windshield mount models.

  • Cobra ESD-9550 Special

    We recently took advantage of an opportunity to pick up some Cobra 9550 detectors at a great price, and they are now available on the web site. This is an older model Cobra detector, but when new it was at the top end of Cobra's line. It is similar in features to today's XRS-9630. When new we sold the ESD-9550 for $119.99, but we now have it at half the original price - $59.99. This model may not have all of the features of the current models, but it's a great opportunity if you're shopping for a bargain.


    In this, the sixth article in my series, we will look at how a motorist can learn how to avoid and beat the driving while intoxicated or operating under the influence rap.

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