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Monthly Archives: October 2014

  • Happy CB Radio Day!

    25-LTD_l.jpgRadar detectors and CB radios have a lot in common. They both operate on the fundamental principles of radio technology. They share a history as two devices that can be mounted in the same vehicle and used either together or in tandem for a shared application. But for all the similarities, there is one important difference. The radar detector is a silent partner. It gets no real public recognition. The CB radio, however, gets recognized with its very own day. Yes, you read that right. We have a National CB Radio Day!

    President Jimmy Carter made it official On October 2, 1978 when he proclaimed October 4 (that's a big 10-4) to be National CB Radio Day. At that time, CB radio was at the height of its popularity, as million of people across the country jumped on the Citizen's Band wagon and took to the AM airwaves.

    Why the sudden surge of interest in CB back in that day? The answer is simple. It was an effective tool used to counter police radar and other speed enforcement measures.

    Flash back the mid 1970's. America found itself in the midst of an energy crisis. Gasoline shortages resulted in long lines at filling stations and fuel rationing. In a misguided attempt to alleviate the problem and control petroleum consumption, the US government set a national speed limit of 55 MPH, which was strictly enforced across the country. This didn't sit well with the American driving public. It was particularly difficult for professionals such as freight transport drivers (a.k.a. truckers), who relied on the fast and efficient transport of goods to earn a living. This new speed restriction seriously affected their ability to get freight delivered on time and stay profitable. As a result, every countermeasure available was used to circumvent the speed limit and avoid a ticket.

    Radar detectors were also an important countermeasure at the time, to be sure, but many considered a CB radio even more effective. Drivers needed a way to communicate with one another and share information and warnings about speed traps and enforcement zones on the roads. Citizen's Band radios offered sufficient range between drivers traveling on the same stretch of road, were readily available to any driver who wanted or needed one, and were easy to set up and use. Thus, the CB quickly became extremely popular with professional drivers and the public, and the CB radio market boomed.

    Although enthusiasm waned in the 80's, CB radio is still in use today, and although there are some enthusiasts who consider it more of a pastime, it's primary use hasn't changed. In fact, for professional freight drivers who can no longer legally use a radar detector and for others who want a more complete countermeasure solution than a radar or laser detector alone, the CB radio is now even more important than ever.

    To celebrate National CB Radio Day, Buy Radar Detectors has special promotion. Enter the Promo Code CBDAY14 at checkout and save an additional 5% on all CB radios and CB radio accessories on our site! The offer is good from October 4 through midnight October 6, 2014. Complete your radar detection system with a new CB radio or add an antenna, hand microphone or other accessory to your existing countermeasure operation with this special promo code and save! Happy CB Radio Day from Buy Radar Detectors!

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