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Monthly Archives: March 2011

  • AQUANIL-X Waterless Wash Featured on Rachael Ray

    CG220_sm.jpgWe've been extolling the virtues of using CROFTGATEUSA's AQUANIL-X Waterless Wash on your car for quite awhile. It turns out we were right!

    Today Rachael Ray gave her seal of approval on AQUANIL-X as well. During her the Human Lab: Car Wash! segment of The Rachael Ray Show, which aired March 30, several car care products were tested, among them AQUANIL-X.

    The benefits are immediately obvious. washing your car with AQUANIL-X is fast, easy, and eco-friendly. Not only do you save time and money, you save water, because it doesn't use any! It doesn't send a lot of dirty soap into the ground or sewer either, because there is nothing to rinse! All of this adds up to make AQUANIL-X a true time and money saver that is also environmentally friendly - and it makes your vehicle look great!

    Like AQUANIL-X? Check out our complete line of car care products by CROFTGATEUSA!

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