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Monthly Archives: January 2011

  • Is My Radar Detector Working Properly?

    People who are new to radar detectors are sometimes unsure if their shiny new detector is working properly. We get a lot of questions like: "I just passed a cop and my new detector didn't go off - is it defective?" In this article, I will try to provide some tips to help you build up a level of trust in your radar detector and help you recognize if there is a real problem.

    First of all, I would recommend reading our article detailing how to use a radar detector. This explains the basics of how a radar detector works and when it can and can't be trusted.

    It is important to realize that a radar detector is designed to detect radar. It doesn't detect police officers or police cars. Do not expect your radar detector to produce an alert every time you see a police car. Many times, police are not actively checking the speed of other vehicles and in these cases they may have their radar gun turned off. Some police may specialize in other types of crime and not even be equipped with a radar gun.

    Police radar guns aren't the only devices using radar. As you drive, you'll probably notice that you get alerts as you approach shopping centers. Automatic doors at these locations are a common source of false alerts. Other devices, even some radar detectors, produce false alerts as well. As you drive with your new detector, try to pay attention to the radar band of the alert (X, K, or Ka) and identify the source.

    After you've put some miles on your detector, you'll start to become used to common sources of false alerts and you'll get a feeling for what type of alert (band and signal strength) is real. This depends very much on your area, but typically most false alerts are X band and Ka must be taken seriously.

    We recommend that when your detector is new, set it to Highway mode. This will make the detector the most sensitive and it will produce a high number of false alerts. After you become accustomed to driving with the detector, adjust the filtering to one of the City modes (we recommend AutoScan for Beltronics and Escort detectors). Whistler detectors have several filter modes as well that you can play with. The city modes and filtering options allow you to "tweak" the sensitivity to match your area and your driving style.

    If your detector is producing alerts at consistent locations, then it is likely working properly. If you believe that you are not getting the range you should be, first check to be sure your detector is mounted completely level and is as high as possible on the windshield (without being blocked). That being said, we have seen a few strange issues from time to time. If you've read this and you believe your detector is acting a little flaky, please give us a call or send us an email!

  • Whistler PRO 3600 Now Available!

    If your searching for the ultimate radar detector, Your search is over. The Whistler PRO 3600 Installed Remote Laser Radar Detector has arrived and is now available for immediate delivery!

    The Whistler PRO 3600 is a new modular based traffic enforcement detection system designed for remote installation and is comprised of several separate components. The red tri-directional display can be mounted vertically, horizontally or upside down and text will be displayed correctly. The high performance antenna includes Integrated Laser Detection and The Real Voice Module provides alerts verbally.

    The heart of the PRO 3600 the primary controller. This is a ten port interface that mounts discreetly under the dash. The controller features ports to connect the display, antenna and Real Voice Modules as we;; as ports for further expansion with optional modules sold separately, such as an additional antenna module, a rear Laser Module and a GPS Module. It also has three AUX ports built into the interface for future expansion. Its modular design and built-in expandability make the Pro 3600 extremely flexible and versatile.

    The PRO 3600 responds to all types of radar currently in use by police. It detects POP mode radar and all laser transmissions .New features, such as Ka MAX mode, help maximize performance. It also provides Laser Atlantaâ„¢ Stealth Mode, making your vehicle immune to the Laser Atlanta gun. The PRO 3600 is also invisible to detection by VG-2.

    Other premium features include Whistler's Total Band™ Protection w/360º MAXX Coverage to detect from front, sides and rear, 4 filter modes to reduce false alerts from other radar detectors and a Setting Saver, which allows you to save your own customized settings when the PRO 3600 is turned off.

    But wait, there's more. The PRO 3600 also includes a five year warranty from Whistler!

    The retail price of the Whistler PRO 3600 is $399, however Buy Radar Detectors currently offers it for only $349.99 plus free shipping.

    Radar detectors are currently legal in passenger vehicles in every state except Virginia and in Washington, DC. There is a federal law banning the use of radar detectors in any commercial vehicle over 10,000 pounds. Radar detectors are also illegal on any military base.

    Check out all the great features of the Whistler PRO 3600 here. You can also call us direct at 1-800-584-1445, send us an e-mail, or or enter our live online chat by clicking the button below!

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