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Monthly Archives: June 2010

  • We Now Have Galaxy CB Radios!

    Buy Radar Detectors is pleased to announce we are now carrying Galaxy CB radios. Galaxy CB radios make some of the most popular professional quality CB radios around. They have classic styling, and are loaded with features.

    Galaxy DX 919 CB Radio: The Galaxy DX 919 CB Radio is a popular entry level design. The DX919 has a new compact shape while keeping a classic CB radio appearance.

    Galaxy DX 929 CB Radio: The Galaxy DX 929 CB Radio is a has many of the classic features you expect in a Galaxy radio. Like the DX 919, it has a compact size making it easy to install.

    Galaxy DX 949 SSB CB Radio: The Galaxy DX 949 CB Radio is a full featured series that still has the classic CB radio design you expect in a Galaxy radio. The DX949 is designed for serious CB operators.

    Galaxy DX 959 SSB CB Radio: The Galaxy DX959 CB Radio is designed for professionals. It is loaded with features and is a high-end CB radio. The Galaxy CB radio series is popular with professional truckers for a reason.

  • Buy an Escort Radar Detector and Drive into Summer Event!

    UPDATE: This promotion expired July 18, 2010 and is no longer available.

    Purchase any windshield mount Escort radar detector and you qualify for a free accessory pack (SuperCup Mount and SmartCord)! Escort Radar Detector Drive into Summer Event
    The accessory pack is valued at $50. Celebrate summer with Escort in this limited time event.

    Escort radar detectors are some of the best around. There is a reason they are preferred by serious drivers worldwide. So avoid a ticket this summer with an Escort radar detector!

    This offer is fulfilled by Escort directly, so you will need to visit their official website to register. Offer valid until July 18, 2010. All accessory packs will be shipped by Escort. Estimated deliver time is 4 to 6 weeks.

  • Get the Red Light and Traffic Cameras Out of Your State!

    It looks like this November there are going to be a few more initiatives to remove redlight cameras. Residents in Mukilteo, Washington and Anaheim, California have campaigns to get rid of the refuge of crooked politicians. They are joining a large number of communities that have had it with excessive fees, and increased accident rates caused by cameras.

    Until the cameras are gone, we are going to continue to carry photo protection equipment for you to use to save yourself from high price tickets! We encourage all of you to contact your local politicians and let them know how you feel about redlight and traffic cameras.

  • Update your Redlight Camera Detectors!

    Just a reminder, make sure to update your redlight camera detectors and radar/camera detectors. The detectors use a database of known camera locations and compare it to your current GPS coordinates. The only way to be warned about new cameras is to have a current database.

    Here is where you should go to download the most recent database (some of the manufacturers have a fee, but it is cheaper than a ticket):

    Whistler Brand Detector Updates

    Beltronics Brand Detector Updates

    Escort Brand Detector Updates

    Cobra Brand Detector Updates

    Cheetah Brand Detector Updates

    The databases used to report camera locations are regularly updated. Because of this, we even recommend checking for updates with brand new devices. Even though we are well known for having a very current inventory, there is still a few weeks time between factory production/shipping/distribution. Don't get a ticket because your database is not up to date!

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