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Monthly Archives: December 2009

  • Got a Radar Detector, Looking for Accessories?

    Did you get a radar detector as a gift recently? Great! Most detectors come with everything you need right in the box, but for some of us we like to go a bit beyond what everyone else has. Here at Buy Radar Detectors we have a lot of accessories available for the leading brands of radar detectors. If you still cannot find the accessory you are looking or, give us a call and we will try to help!

  • We are Shipping Orders to the Last Minute!

    We are still taking orders and will continue to ship them out until 6pm EST tomorrow. So no more waiting to place that order! This is your last chance to order a Whistler XTR-130 Radar Detector for $34.95, a Whistler XTR-220 Radar Detector for $62.99, or a Whistler XTR-690 SE Radar Detector for $154.95.

    We will then be closed for the holidays and we will be back on Monday the 28th. We want to wish all of our friends and customers a great Christmas!

  • Redlight and Speed Camera Warning Systems

    Regular readers and customers know that here at Buy Radar Detectors, we like to help you find the radar detector, camera warning system, laser jammer, etc... that is best for your personal driving needs. We work with you to research all of the products available, and we even offer services to help.

    I think all of this warrants a new contest! Send an email to us at contest @ buyradardetectors.com (remove the blank spaces) briefly telling us about the time you wished you had a camera warning system, were saved by one, or a review of one of the systems. Your entry might even end up here on our radar detector blog, and the five best are going to win a free t-shirt (make sure to include what size shirt and a shipping address in your email).

    So go and read the articles about redlight camera systems, and let us know if you have any questions!

  • Perhaps the Easiest to Install Remote Radar Detector / Laser Jammer from Escort

    The Passport Qi45 radar detector by Escort is designed to be the quickest and easiest to install remote radar detector around. The system has only three components: The antenna/receiver, the interface, and the display/controller. All that you need to do is to wire the interface to a switched power supply and connect the antenna and display using standard RJ11 cables.

    Escort states that the entire system can be installed in less than one hour. If you have been looking for a remote install detector for the price or a windshield mount, then Escort may just have what you want. You can even add optional laser shifters at the same time or later as an upgrade and have laser jamming capabilities.

    We have the Escort Qi45 Radar Detector ready to ship for $499.95, and we are even offering free two day shipping for a limited time. The separate laser shifter pack is $249.95. Let us know if you have any questions.

  • Remote Controlled Radar Detector from Whistler

    Do you know someone that loves gadgets? Is there someone on your holiday shopping list that is looking for something unexpected? Well, they might like the Whistler XTR-220 Radar Detector. The XTR-220 is unusual in that it has a remote control. This is very helpful for people with vehicles that have large windshields or dashes, such as many SUVs.

    The remote is small and easily fits on a keychain. What is better than a radar detector? A radar detector with a remote control!

    The XTR-220 is also a good all-purpose budget friendly ($62.99) radar detector. It has an easy to read LED display, POP mode radar detection, 3 city modes, and selectable bands. For a limited time we are offering $5.00 shipping, we have them in stock, and they ship out the same day as long as you place an order before 6 p.m. EST.

  • Get Your Car Clean, Even in the Middle of Winter

    Here at Buy Radar Detectors we get a lot of great products. Some are very impressive, some will save you money, and some we just like. One item that we currently are passing around here at Radar Detector Headquarters is AQUANIL-X Waterless Wash and Wax. AQUANIL-X is perfect for all car nuts and petrol heads, and is a great gift.

    The AQUANIL-X 8 oz bottle ($8.99) is small enough to stash away in your car for those times when you need to clean up your vehicle real fast. You do not need to bucket and water, just spray on and wipe off. The larger AQUANIL-X 32 oz bottle ($17.99) is great for keeping in the garage or as part of your detailing kit.

    For those of you in northerly, cold environments, this is also a great way to protect your vehicle this winter without having to wash your car with water.

  • UPDATED! Redline Radar Detector, Here Now!

    That is correct! The Redline Radar detector from Escort is now here and ready to ship. The Escort Redline radar detector is a no-frills performance detector. It may have the longest detection range of any current device. Escort states that the Redline has the best detection range available of any radar detector.

    The Redline has voice alerts, and a simple but clear display with brightness controls, and auto muting. One of the best features is that it uses the same magnesium case as the Bel STi Driver. This means it is completely shielded and undetectable by radar detector detectors.

    If you have been waiting to get this impressive, all-out detector, or have started to do a bit of Christmas shopping, you may one to grab one of these now. It may be a short wait until the next shipment arrives from Escort. There have been a lot of calls and emails about this detector, and we cannot wait to hear what all of you think about it!

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