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Monthly Archives: September 2009

  • What Those Redlight Cameras Really Catch People Doing

    "Oh, don't lean on me man 'cause you can't afford the ticket" - David Bowie

    Most people do not run redlights on purpose. While this may seem like a strange fact to some, I have never encountered anyone that runs lights for fun. "I was so late for work, I just ran all the lights!" Most of these redlight cameras are being put in to give tickets to people that do not come to a complete stop when turning right on red. Most people come to a rolling stop, then turn. In fact if you do come to a stop, the person behind you will start laying on the horn.

    Meanwhile, you get processed a ticket that tends to run $100. Have a nice day, drive safe!

    There is an interesting news story about just this. In Collier Florida the citizens are getting more than a bit annoyed at getting tickets.

    Collier County Commissioner Jim Colletta tells WINK News that during the month of August at the intersection of Vanderbuilt Beach Road and U.S. 41, the cameras caught 507 red light violations, but 500 of those happened when drivers didn't stop before making a right on red.

    Out of 507, only 7 were people that ran a light. The rest just did not come to a complete stop when making a right turn. Many cities now know that all you have to do to make some money is shorten the yellow lights, and to also ticket those turning right on red. It is pure revenue.

    "I don't have any violations or citations on my driving record, so for me to even get that letter was shocking," Marjorie Burnham says.

    It is not about safety, at all. It is about publically elected and appointed officials making money from their constituents. They want us out there playing bumper cars with each other, and causing road rage, while they profit.

    ...Burnham says she isn't taking any chances.
    "I sit there and cars honk at me to move along (at a right turn), but I'm not going to because I can't afford another ticket!"

  • Radar Detector Comparison Test - GOL 2009 Style

    Once again the Guys of LIDAR (GOL) have just completed another great radar detector comparison test. Here at Buy Radar Detectors, we love these types of radar detector test. The more information we can get about detectors in real world situations (and not what the manufacturer tell everyone) in turn, helps us enable shoppers to be more informed. We want people to buy the best detector for them, not the one with the biggest advertising budget.

    This is why we have a guide to shopping for a radar detector on our site, have this blog, and have features such as our radar detector comparison tool. We only carry products that we know work, use the items ourselves on a daily basis, openly ask for customer reviews, and even supply products for independent testing.

    So thanks again to GOL, for a good job! If you are a member of a group of detector enthusiast, or just want to send in a review, please do. For a limited time you might even win a t-shirt!

  • Motorcycle Radar Detector Mounts

    Have you ever been out riding and then noticed that someone had a radar detector mounted on their bike? You try to catch them to ask where they got it, but were too late. Well good news, we carry a lot of radar detector mounts for motorcycles. A lot. Just go to the page and start scrolling, and if we do not have one you need give us a call.

    You can mount more than just a radar detector though. Some of the redlight camera warning systems will also work great. One of the guys here at Buy Radar Detectors even uses his to hold his cell phone. You can also use them to hold a navigation device or even a smart phone! Also, for all of you out there building a bike for a show, this may be another item to think about to help separate you from the competition.

    You may also be interested in the cordless radar detectors we carry. Ride safe everyone!

  • Beltronics STi Driver Radar Detector Has Changed!

    Bel STi Boxes
    That is correct, the very popular Beltronics STi Driver radar detector now has new packaging and some changes to the accessories it came with. The most obvious difference is the size of the box, we have a new one here in the picture in front of the old one. It is a good bit smaller and a very easy way to tell the two apart.

    Bel STi Case
    The STi does not include the direct wire SmartPlug kit and the external speaker anymore. The storage case has also been changed, it is no longer a hard case but a canvas style one. Opinions are split on the new case. Some here like the canvas one, but the old hard case was unique (and tough) if a bit large.

    The coiled smart cord, manual, windshield bracket, and spare suction cups are still included in the box. The price has also come down to $469.95. If you could care less about the direct wire smart plug kit and the external speaker this will save you $30. (available separately along with other Beltronics radar detector accessories).

    Bel STi Contents
    We have a limited number of the original STi Drivers left, so if you want one grab it now before they are gone. Once we have sold them all we will have the new ones up on our site. If you want one of the newer ones right now (for the $469.95 price), contact us.

    The radar detector itself is the same, and is still one of the best detectors around not to mention that it is undetectable. Most detectors have a "leaked signal" that can be picked by devices such as the VG2, Spectre, or Stalcar MK 3. In states where detectors are illegal to use, police are able to use these devices to identify vehicles with radar detectors. The Beltronics STi Driver uses a magnesium case and doesn't emit a signal.

  • The 2009 Review a Radar Detector and Win a T-shirt Contest

    We get a lot of great customer feedback here at our radar detector information command center. A few have even shown up here on our radar detector blog. A secret that many of you do not know is that we have Buy Radar Detectors t-shirts. I don't know about the rest of you, but I love t-shirts. So for fun we are going to run a short contest. Until the end of the month send us in a review of a radar detector and on October 1st we are going to pick three to receive a free t-shirt! Your review even may show up here on the blog.

    So, write up a review of a radar detector, any radar detector (yes, even that old 70s model you found in a closet), send it to: contest @ buyradardetectors . com (remove spaces) and also tell us what size t-shirt you want and where to send it to if you win.

    We look forward to reading your reviews! If you have any questions just let us know.

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