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The Veil Guy vs. Red Light Cameras (Well Sorta)

It would seem this is a good time of year for comparison test. We just had our License Plate Protection Comparison Test of 2009, and the Veil Guy has a great test of GPS red light/speed camera/radar detectors over at his blog.

As part of his review of the new Cobra XRS 9960G, he also compares the Beltronics Professional Series GX 65, the Escort Passport 9500ix, and the Cheetah C100 GPS camera/radar detectors. So watch the video for a real world product test.

Oh, and for that intersection (towards the end of the video) where the cameras were not detected, well some extra protection might be a good idea.

We hope this helps those in areas implementing red light/speed cameras, and answers some of your questions. As always, contact us with any questions concerning these products.

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