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Monthly Archives: November 2008

  • Fight Over Speed Cameras

    Do speed cameras promote economic fascism and not safety, well according to the Veil Guy Blog they do and he wants everyone to know the background behind state government's involvement with foreign based companies in order to increase state collection revenue. He uses two examples to illustrate his point. The first, imagine being pulled over by a traffic patrol officer after observing your driving behavior and cites you for one act of indiscretion (going over the posted speed limit for 10 minutes). The citation (around $100) covers the whole speeding episode that was observed and it acts as an instant deterrent to your actions. However, in the second example, there are no law enforcement officers, but rather you trip a series of 10 or more speed cameras that are strategically positioned on highway "speed zones". Several weeks later 10 or more speeding tickets are found in your mailbox amounting to over $2,000, since each speed camera represents its own unique violation. In that scenario, there is no instant deterrent of speeding and that allows each separate action to be considered a violation.

    With state governments trying to fill shortfall in budgets many are turning to these technologies to alleviate some of the pressure. Does it seem fair to punish people for multiple infractions of the same law as they drive down an interstate? How many times do you find yourself just going with the flow of traffic or just going a few miles over the speed limit as you come down a hill? The use of these technologies to generate revenue for budget shortfalls does not match the governments push to utilize them for safety. Should foreign companies (or any company for that matter) receive a portion of revenue from traffic fines that are paid after their product is used to implicate you? Head over to the Veil Guy Blog to read more on the fight over the governments' use of speed and red-light cameras.

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