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Monthly Archives: August 2008

  • Whistler XTR-695: Now Shipping

    Just a quick note to let everyone know that the Whistler XTR-695 is now in stock, and all pre-orders have shipped! We also have plenty of stock remaining, so new orders will be filled immediately.

  • Veil / Photo Blur - Included With Purchase

    I spoke with The Veil Guy earlier today, and we have decided to team up and offer a special promotion along with our new Laser Veil / Photo Blur combo.

    Click here for more information on the Veil / Photo Blur combo, including pictures of a recent application.

  • Veil G4 / Anti-Photo Combination

    When The Veil Guy stopped by our office a month ago to show off his new "G4" formula of Laser Veil, he surprised us by mentioning that, with the new formula, he had achieved "optical compatibility" with On Track's assortment of anti-photo license plate covers. This was exciting news to us, because it means that finally customers no longer have to choose between a plate cover that protects against laser and one that protects against photo enforcement cameras - now they can have both!

    I've been anxious to see the results for myself, so today I cracked open a can of Veil and applied a light coat to a Photo Blur license plate cover. The results were amazing. After Veil was applied, the Photo Blur had a nice slightly "smoked" look, and the plate numbers were still blurred when viewed at an angle - just like you'd expect them to be. I chose the Photo Blur because it is my favorite of the anti-photo license plate covers, being the most discrete yet still effective, but it should work with the Super Protector or Toll Free protector as well.

    Here are a few pics of the application. Click the image for a larger version.

    Photo Blur Only:

    Photo Blur + Veil:

    The Photo Blur license plate cover works by distorting the digits on a license plate when viewed at an angle, like a photo enforcement camera would see it. Veil works by making the reflective areas of your vehicle less reflective, reducing the targeting range of police laser and providing you with more time to react to a laser warning from a radar detector.

    A Veil application on the license plate is also beneficial against certain types of photo enforcement equipment. The standard flash systems used by most systems can be a distraction to drivers, so companies are starting to bring equipment to market that uses IR to illuminate the license plate instead of a standard flash. This technology is being used in a fixed speed camera system produced by LaserCraft, and both a red light camera system and a mobile photo enforcement system produced by Nestor, Inc. When systems using this technology attempt to photograph a plate protected by Veil, the camera would only see black where the license plate should be!

    I would like to personally thank The Veil Guy for all of the work that he has put into developing this improved formula. I know he has spent countless hours testing and perfecting G4, and this effort is apparent in the product. He has definitely made this product worth the wait.

    Also, in honor of this achievement, we have created a new Laser Veil G4 / Photo Blur combo. Buy this combo and save $10 off the price of Veil and Photo Blur, if purchased separately!

  • Laser Veil G4 Update

    As the launch date of the new Laser Veil G4 product approaches, we've been getting flooded with inquiries about expected ship dates. I spoke with The Veil Guy earlier today, and have some fairly firm dates on when the product will arrive at our warehouse.

    Veil G4 is currently in the packaging process, which will take a few days to complete. However, they were able to get a partial shipment (132 units of Veil) out to us today (8/1). This shipment is expected to arrive on Tuesday (8/5). This quantity will not be enough to fill all of our pre-orders, so we will begin by shipping all orders where we have already collected payments from the customer. If we still have product remaining, we will begin filling the remaining orders starting with the oldest.

    The remainder of our G4 order is expected to ship Monday or Tuesday, to arrive on Wednesday or Thursday, respectively. When this shipment arrives, all remaining pre-orders will be filled and we should have plenty of stock left over.

    We expect that all Veil G4 pre-orders will be filled before next Friday (8/8). As we have told those of you who have called, we are committed to filling all possible pre-orders the day that we receive the product. We know many of you are anxious to receive this much anticipated product, and we will work overtime to meet this same-day-turnaround commitment.

    If you pre-ordered Veil using a credit card, your card will be charged when the product ships. If you wish to cancel a pre-order, please notify us as soon as possible.

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