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Monthly Archives: October 2007

  • Whistler Pro 78 / XTR-690 Update Is Ready!

    Whistler has officially announced that their firmware update for the Pro 78 and XTR-690 radar detectors is now ready! As we mentioned previously, this firmware update offers a few usability improvements as well as K and Ka band performance enhancements when POP mode is disabled.

    Since the Whistler XTR-690 and Pro 78 detectors already offer great performance against technology used in the United States, it is likely that only the more hard-core users or professional drivers would find it worthwhile to have a unit upgraded. Some customers from outside the US will see a larger benefit, as performance has also been improved (with POP mode off) for Ka frequencies that are used primarily in Europe (34.0 Ghz and 34.3 Ghz).

    There will be a flat fee of $20 charged to upgrade a detector to this latest firmware version (Revision 'C'). This fee covers the cost of the upgrade, processing, and handling. For more information about the new functionality provided by this upgrade, and information about where to send a unit that you need upgraded, check out Veil Guy's Whistler upgrade summary.

    Please be aware that this firmware update was just finalized, so Whistler is not yet shipping Revision 'C' units to dealers. We do not have a date yet as to when we will have units the latest version in stock, but we will make an announcement here on the blog as soon as they arrive.

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