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Monthly Archives: June 2007

  • Veil Guy: Cobra XRS R9G / XRS R7 Review

    The Veil Guy has posted an exceptional review of the Cobra XRS R9G and the XRS R7 radar detectors. This review is the most in depth look yet at these two new models from Cobra, and includes several great videos.

    Keep up the good work, Veil Guy! Click here to read the review.

  • New: Cobra XRS R9G and XRS R7

    Cobra's new 2007 models, the XRS R9G and the XRS R7 are now available! We gave you a first look at these detectors when they were announced at CES, back in January. Both models are now in stock and ready to ship. Here is a brief look at some of the new features.

    The most significant enhancement, found on the XRS R9G, is a built-in database of fixed speed camera and red light camera locations. The Cobra XRS R9G is equipped with a GPS locator, which keeps track of your current location. As you approach a camera the R9G will alert you, allowing you time to adjust your speed or stop for a red light. Cobra has worked hard to build an accurate database of fixed camera locations, and will continue to update the database as cities add new cameras. As the database is updated, you can connect the R9G to your computer (through a USB connection) and update to the latest database.

    Having a GPS locator gives the XRS R9G the ability to offer several other features. A user database allows you to "mark" up to 1000 custom locations. You will receive an alert as you approach these locations in the future. This is perfect for saving areas that are commonly used by police as speed traps. A "speed display" shows the current speed of the vehicle. A GPS based digital compass is included as well, eliminating the need for calibration. It would have been nice to see a user programmable false alert database, such as is available with the Escort 9500i, but this is missing (most likely due to patents).

    The GPS functions are only available on the R9G, but both XRS R9G and the XRS R7 have a truly innovative design. The radar detecting unit (RDU) is very discrete and should be mounted high on the windshield, by the rearview mirror. The display and all user controls have been split out into a separate "display unit". This display unit is wireless and can be mounted anywhere inside the vehicle. With this design, it would be very difficult for anyone to know that you had a radar detector. Both models include a direct wire kit and extended length cigarette lighter plug, making it easy to find a discrete mounting location for the RDU.

    Both models offer the same full color graphical display as the XRS-9930. I still feel like this is the best display of any detector, regardless of brand. Ku band detection is supported, which is great for European customers or those travelling overseas.

    While the sensitivity of Cobra detectors typically isn't in the same class as some other manufacturers, these new models offer some innovative enhancements that may make them preferable to many drivers.

  • Radar Detector Forum Launched!

    We have just launched the newly redesigned RadarDetectorForums.com, dedicated to the discussion of radar detectors, radar detector accessories, and related products. We aquired this site a few weeks ago, and have been working diligently to get it back up and ready for launch.

    If you have any questions at all regarding radar detectors or accessories, we encourage you to post them to this site. We will make every attempt to answer your questions quickly. At the same time, this will hopefully result in a database of common questions and answers that will help future visitors to our site.

    Please visit our new forum, and thanks for shopping with us!

  • Veil Guy: Whistler Pro 78 / XTR-690 Review

    The Veil Guy stopped by our offices a couple of weeks ago on his way to Atlanta. While he was here, he picked up a few radar detectors to test during his return trip. Among the models he chose were the Whistler Pro 78 and the Whistler XTR-690.

    Over the weekend, he posted a very detailed review of these two models. Here's a quote:

    In any event, it is my opinion that these new Whistlers represent two of the greatest values in radar detector ownership, today.
    If it is your desire to have a full-featured radar detector which provides good protection against police radar, particularly against Ka-band, and are budget minded, you need not look further than either the Whistler Pro-78 or Whistler XTR-690.

    Please check out the entire review, it is definitely the most in-depth look at these Whistler models to date.

  • Blinder M40 Closeout: Special Price

    The new Blinder laser jammers are now in stock, but we still have a few of the M40's left in inventory (the M20's are gone for good). In order to make room for the new models, we're offering a special closeout price on the M40 of $499.99 - that is $100 off the normal price. Buy today, they won't last long.

  • Blinder M25 / M45 Jammers: Now Available

    Blinder has finally released their much anticipated new models! The new Blinder M25 and Blinder M45 are now in stock and shipping. Both laser jammers are identical, performance-wise, the only difference is the number of jamming heads (transceivers) that are included. The M25 includes two transceivers, which would provide coverage for the front of a typical vehicle. The M45 includes four transceivers, which would typically cover the front and the rear. A large majority of laser hits are from the front, but they do occasionally occur from the rear. Vehicles that have an extremely large front end, such as some trucks and SUV's, may require four transceivers to cover the front of the vehicle.

    The following is a list of the updated features:

    • New laser detector, with wider and more optimal detection of all the police laser systems.
    • New custom made jamming LED™s, to give optimal jamming output, from the transponders.
    • New interface, to supply the new high power jammers with higher voltage.
    • New software to detect and jam all the latest new laser systems.

    These new models replace the M20 and M40, which have been discontinued.

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