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Monthly Archives: January 2006

  • Now In Stock - New 2006 Cobra Detectors

    Four of the new Cobra radar detectors are now in stock: XRS-9730, XRS-9630, XRS-9430, and the XRS-9330.

    It doesn't look like too much has changed (so far) over last year's models. The biggest difference is that their entire line will now detect the Ku band. The Ku band is currently only used in Europe, but there are rumors that a radar gun manufacturer may be looking to bring Ku to the United States.

    At any rate, these models will surely be popular with our European customers. Previously, customers needing Ku detection would have had to choose between the Bel RX65 and 995, both topping $250. Now, a detector supporting Ku band can be had for as little as $80.

    As far as other differences, the new models are sporting a slightly different look. Cobra is also claiming improved performance in the 9730 and the 9630, but I'm going to wait to see some test results before I put that statement on the web site.

    We're still waiting on the XRS-9530, XRS-9830, and XRS-9930 to arrive. The 9530 will be a 9500 with Ku band, but the 9830 and 9930 seem interesting. Both have what seems like it could be a revolutionary color display. Will post more details when they arrive.

  • Bel Express 795 Now In Stock

    We are excited to now have the Bel Express 795 radar detector in stock. This model was originally made by Beltronics specifically for sale at Radio Shack, but we took advantage of an opportunity to pick up a quantity of them on closeout.

    This model is similar to the (now discontinued) Bel 925, with a few exceptions. The 925 had selectable voice alerts, but the 795 only supports tone alerts. Both models had LED displays, but the 925 had a numeric signal strength indicator while the 795 has 4 red LEDs to indicate signal strength.

    One benefit that the 795 has over the 925 (and 935) is that it is compatible with the SmartPlug power cord. I couldn't find this mentioned in the owners manual or on Bel's web site, but I tested it with the SmartPlug and it worked like a champ!

    3/14/07 UPDATE: The Bel Express 795 has been discontinued, and is no longer available.

  • Check It Out - A Radar Detector Blog!

    Hi, this is Danny Feemster, owner of BuyRadarDetectors.com. Thanks for checking out our new weblog!

    There's several reasons that we decided to start this blog. Most importantly, there's tons of great information and advice that we provide to our customers on a daily basis via the telephone and email that simply doesn't exist on our web site. A blog will provide us with an easy way to make this information available. It's also going to give us a great place to make new product announcements and post other industry news.

    Over the next few days I hope to provide a few posts to address some of our more frequently asked questions, and to talk about some new products. Check back soon!

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