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  • Whistler Elite Series Radar Detectors video


    Whistler radar detectors are notable for great value, delivering high performance at a very reasonable cost. The Whistler Elite Series raises the bar with three detectors in tiny packages boasting really big features, the 5000EX, 5025EX, and 5075EXS.

    This video hosted by Rick Savoia introduces the Whistler Elite Series radar detectors and compares the features of each model. Buy Radar Detectors is an authorized Whistler dealer.


  • New Whistler Elite Series Radar Laser Detectors

    Whistler recently introduced a line of radar and laser detectors designed for higher performance in a very tiny package. Called the Whistler Elite Series, this new line entered the radar detector market with three models, the 5000EX, 5025EX and 5075EXS.

    As features go, these new detectors are not far removed from the latest models in Whistler's CR series. In fact, the feature sets are nearly identical when comparing key models across both lines. However, it isn't the list of features and functionality that makes the new series Elite. It's the package itself. These new detectors have two unique attributes, both of which are quite impressive on their own. The first is the size. The second is the display.

    The Whistler Elite Series radar laser detectors aren't just compact, they are tiny. Seriously, each model is so small, it not only fits in the palm of a hand, it also fits easily in a shirt pocket! Yes, it's that tiny. To pack the features of a mid-range or high end CR series Whistler into such a small shell that weighs only 3.2 ounces (90 grams) isn't as much elite as it is amazing.

    Imagine the possibility of palming your radar detector at a traffic stop if needed. With a detector this size, it's now possible. Then again, as feature packed as these units are, it's more difficult to imagine the part about the traffic stop than the little sleight of hand.

    And if its size doesn't impress, the visuals probably will. The 5000EX and 5025EX are equipped with a blue OLED display for bright, sharp text. The 5075EXS is even nicer to read, because it has a full color OLED display! Of course, the display can be dimmed as needed and can be operated in full dark mode if necessary. The display on each model is also bilingual, with a choice of English or Spanish text.

    Here is a brief overview of each model.

    Whistler 5000EX

    Whistler 5000EX

    The 5000EX is the base model in the Elite Series. It detects X, K, and Ka bands including Super Wideband Ka, 360 degree detection of all types of laser currently in use, POP™ mode detection, Safety Warning System (SMS) and signals from VG-2 radar detector detectors. It is equipped with Traffic Flow Signal Rejection (TFSR) filter, Field Disturbance Sensor Rejection (FDSR) filter (filters out false signals from collision avoidance systems installed in newer vehicles), 3 city modes, highway mode, and Laser Signature ID (LSID) to measure pulses per second emitted from speed laser guns and identify other sources of laser emissions.

    Features include a bilingual OLED text display, tone alerts, a programmable function button, Alert Priority, Stay Alert®, setting saver and a tutorial mode. Our Price: 69.99.

    Whistler 5025EX

    Whistler 5025EX

    The 5025EX is the mid-range model. It offers all the same detection, filtering and features of the 5000EX. It also has the same bilingual blue OLED text display. It adds Whistler's Real Voice® alerts. The voice alerts are also bilingual, with an option to choose English or Spanish language formats. It's a nice complement to the bilingual text on the display and can be a useful option, especially if Spanish is your native or only language. Our Price: $114.99.

    Whistler 5075EXS

    Whistler 5075EXS

    The 5075EXS is the top model in the Elite Series. It includes all of the detection, filters and features of the 5025EX and adds a few more, two of which greatly enhance its power and performance. The 5075EXS has an internal GPS built into the unit. The addition of GPS allows the 5075EXS to offer more nice features, such as a speed selectable filter mode, speed selectable Auto Quiet, a compass and a clock.

    The second enhancement is the inclusion of a red light and speed camera database with locations of known traffic enforcement cameras across North America. The database is also updateable, thanks to a USB port on the side of the detector. Our Price: $149.99.

    The chart below compares the features of all three models in the Whistler Elite Series. You can also compare the new models to older, classic, legacy models listed in the 2013 Whistler Radar Detector Comparison Chart. We have other resources as well, such as product and unboxing videos, articles and a Buyer's Guide to help you choose the best radar detector for your needs.

    Whistler radar detectors are in stock and available from Buy Radar Detectors for delivery to your door.

    Whistler Elite Series Comparison
    Feature 5000EX 5025EX 5075EXS
    X, K, Ka, and Super Wideband Ka Detection
    360° Protection against all types of Laser
    POP™ Mode
    Instant-On (Pulse) Detection
    Safety Warning System™ (SWS™) Alert
    VG-2 Alert
    Red Light/Speed Camera Database
    Internal GPS
    City and Highway Modes
    Traffic Flow Signal Rejection (TFSR) Filter
    Field Disturbance Sensor Rejection (FDSR) Filter
    Laser Signature ID (LSID)
    Alert Priority
    Selectable Tone Alerts
    Bilingual (English/Spanish) Real Voice® Alerts
    Auto and Manual Muting
    Volume Control
    Programmable Function Button
    Quiet/Auto Quiet Modes
    Bilingual (English/Spanish) OLED Display
    Feature Engaged Confirmation
    Setting Saver
    Stay Alert® Feature
    Selectable Vehicle Battery Saver Mode
    Speed Selectable Auto Quiet
    Dim/Dark Display Settings
    USB Port
    Teach/Tutorial Mode
    Power On Self Test
    Reset Mode
    Warranty 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
    MSRP $149.95 $199.95 $249.95
    Our Price $69.99 $114.99 $149.99

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