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Finding a Motorcycle Radar Detector

Now that warm weather is here a lot of our customers are hitting the road on their motorcycle. Not wanting to be unguarded out on the open highway, many also want a motorcycle radar detector. Well, we can help with that!

For most people, we recommend a cordless, or wireless, radar detector. They are easy to use right out of the box. There are several cordless radar detectors to choose from, here are a few of our favorites:

Escort Solo S3 Cordless Radar Detector: The Escort Solo S3 Cordless Radar/Laser Detector may be one of the very best cordless models around. The Escort has good range and is also rather compact in size.

Whistler XTR-540 Cordless Radar Detector: The Whistler XTR-540 Cordless Radar Detector is a nice, full featured model from Whistler. The 540 has many of the features found in Whistler's top radar detectors in a cordless design.

Whistler XTR-440 Cordless Radar Detector: The Whistler XTR-440 Cordless Radar Detector is a good entry level design. The 440 has a nice mix of features for a great price!

Once you find a radar detector you like, you will want a way to mount it properly. We have a very large selection of radar detector motorcycle mounts. All you need to do is find a mount you like, and then add a cradle. They are also great for holding your phone, or even some GPS devices.

Now, this does not mean there are only cordless radar detectors out there for use on your motorcycle. There are specialty models as well!

Whistler Cruisader Motorcycle Radar Detector: The Whistler Cruisader Motorcycle Radar Detector is specifically designed for motorcycles. It takes a bit of work to install, but once you are done you will have a very custom looking radar detector!

There are also some great motorcycle radar detector accessories available. One of the more popular accessories is a helmet interface.

Cheetah VizAlert Helmet Interface (Bel STi Driver): The Cheetah VizAlert Helmet Interface adds a visual indicator that is very easy to see. The Cheetah VizAlert Helmet Interface is designed to work with the high performance Beltronics STi Driver.

You can also wire up just about any "traditional" style radar detector. Cordless models just do not have the range and performance of a wired model. Because of that we occasionally suggest for some riders to go with a high performance radar detector. We even carry radar detector hard wire kits to make the job a bit easier.

There are a lot of options for adding a radar detector to your motorcycle. If you are mostly a weekend rider, then a cordless model and a mounting bracket is the perfect combination. They are both easy to install and use. For those that ride daily, more custom options are available. If you have any questions at all just give us a call at 1-800-584-1445 or send us an email!

One thought on “Finding a Motorcycle Radar Detector”

  • Herb Chandler

    If you're ever ridden on a motorcycle, then you know that it's easy to go fast and avoid traffic sometimes. It is not always easy to know what cops are trying to catch you speeding. Detection systems on your motorcycle are a great way to avoid them. With a wireless radar detector, you can be sure that you don's get caught speeding ever again. A wireless radar detector system will alert you to detection in your helmet, so you don't have to worry about not hearing the alert. With a ultra bright LEDs you'll never have to worry about not seeing it either! These wireless radar detectors system are the perfect way to keep yourself from getting tagged. With water resistant LEDs and wireless helmet displays, you're able to hear and see the alerts even though you're on your motorcycle .

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