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Whistler Pro 78 / XTR 690 Firmware Update

UPDATED: This new firmware version is not yet available, as Whistler is currently in the process of making some final tweaks. We will know as soon as the update as available, and will let you know immediately. Check back frequently for updates.

Whistler is close to releasing a firmware update for the XTR-690 and the Pro 78. This update will provides several improvements:

  • Improved K and Ka sensitivity with POP mode OFF
  • Auto Display Dimming feature improved on the Pro 78. A delay has been added to prevent the display from adjusting when light changes suddenly, such as when driving through a shadowed area.
  • The display now "holds" an alert for a few seconds after the signal is lost. During brief alerts, like are seen when a signal is weak, the display would previously reset quickly not providing the driver enough time to identify the band.

Whistler has done a great job in making these improvements, specifically with the K and Ka sensitivity. The display dimming and alert hold issues were first brought up just a few weeks ago in Veil Guy's review of these detectors. I'm truly impressed with how fast Whistler moved to make the improvements.

Veil Guy has received XTR-690 and Pro 78 units with the new firmware, and has already updated his review. He found that the Ka sensitivity (with POP mode detection OFF) was now similar to that of the Bel STi Driver, and even outperformed the STi in some cases.

We are expecting to have units with the new firmware in stock soon, but if you purchased a model with the original firmware you're not out of luck! Whistler is willing to provide current XTR-690 / Pro 78 owners with the update, just call their support number (800-531-0004) to arrange sending in your detector, once the update is available.

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