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2015 Cobra Radar Detector Comparison Chart

Cobra has gained some respect with their current line of dash mount radar detectors. As an Authorized Cobra Dealer, we carry them in our warehouse at Buy Radar Detectors for immediate delivery right to your door. We also have several resources to help you shop for the radar detector that fits your needs, such as articles and reviews, product videos and our online comparison tool.

Below is a list of the Cobra Radar Detectors currently available from our online store with a comparison of popular features. To compare the current models in this chart with previous models, refer to our 2013 Cobra Radar Detector Comparison Chart. You can also compare them to our 2013 Beltronics, Escort and Whistler radar detector comparison charts.

Cobra Model GPS Voice Alerts Display USB Undetectable
SPX 5300 LED VG-2
SPX 5400 LED VG-2/Spectre 1
SPX 5500 Data/Text VG-2/Spectre 1
SPX 6700 OLED VG-2/Spectre 1
SPX 7700 LED VG-2/Spectre 1
SPX 7800BT via smartphone LED VG-2/Spectre 1
DSP 9200BT via smartphone OLED VG-2/Spectre 1
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