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Beltronics Pro Series video review with The Veil Guy

When looking at Beltronics Radar Detectors, consider their Pro series. The Beltronics Pro Series consists of four models, the Pro 100, Pro 200, Pro 300 and Pro 500. When bundled with Veil G5 Stealth Coating, they can also help defend against police laser threats.

In this exclusive video interview, Veil Corporation CEO Bob Rosania and Danny Feemster from Buy Radar Detectors discuss all four models in the Pro Series and compare them to their older, classic counterparts from Beltronics.

One thought on “Beltronics Pro Series video review with The Veil Guy”

  • Alan Stearnes

    I am considering getting a new radar detector to replace my Whistler XTR695 (which I love). I figure new technology has probably exceeded it's abilities by now. I have boiled it down to the Whistler CR 90 and the Beltronics Pro 500. I am a Whistler fan, but am willing to swap allegiance if it makes sense. I live in Alabama so we have hilly and flat roads. Which one do you think is best at:
    1) distance (no matter the terrain like curves and hills)
    2) filtering false signals including lane change, back-up, and cruise control devises on vehicles
    3) wider range of detections from all bands
    4) Durability
    I've read the Amazon real life reviews and they both rate pretty well. Not interested in the Escort Passports as their reviews are terrible, even though some pros really seem to like them and push them really hard.

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