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CB radios and radar detectors are a perfect match

Today's radar and laser detectors offer a measure of warning against speed and red light camera threats, but it's not a complete solution. Reliance on a radar detector alone isn't always enough. Sometimes you need that "heads up" from fellow travelers to avoid a speed trap, especially one that frequently changes location, such as a mobile speed camera. What if your speed is monitored by aircraft? A radar detector certainly won't help you there.

In such situations, communication with other road warriors can become vitally important. But how? Flashing headlights back and forth to one another across the road, although almost universally practiced, is cumbersome. The signals can be confusing, and it's not always practical, thus not all that effective.

But there is one old school, tried and true method of communication that can and does work. It's instant, it's convenient and it's legal. It's CB radio.

A CB radio is a great companion for a radar detector, and when mounted in a vehicle next to the detector, complements it nicely. Of course, everyone knows CB or Citizen's Band has been used by truckers and professional drivers to spot "smokies" and other traffic threats for decades, and until radar detectors were outlawed on commercial rigs, the two devices were often considered inseparable. Unfortunately, since radar detectors were outlawed on commercial vehicles, truckers can no longer keep them side by side with a a radio on the dash, but citizens in private vehicles can (except in Virginia and Washington, D.C., where radar detectors are currently verboten).

But, what about new technology such as Escort Live! and iRadar, systems that allow your radar detector to integrate with detection systems from other drivers in "real time" automatically, without any real interaction or communication between the drivers themselves? Isn't that enough?

Not really. they definitely give drivers an edge, and they do cover some of the key blind spots that a radar detector alone can miss. However, these systems require an internet connection and integration with a smartphone app, which, while very effective, isn't always stable, since it requires a constant, always-on connection between multiple links. If one link breaks, such as your phone's connection to the Internet, the entire system is broken, which affects "real time" detection.

In addition, traffic enforcement measures such as mobile speed cameras and aerial surveillance such as Visual Average Speed Computer and Recorder or VASCAR are difficult or impossible to detect with a radar detector, even when used with detection enhancement technologies such as iRadar and Escort Live! systems. In the case of VASCAR in particular, your best method of detection depends on visual or audible awareness of what is above you. In such situations, the other drivers around you and a reliable means of communicating with one or more of them can be indispensible.

This is when a CB radio can become an important addition to your radar detection system. Although not as widely used now as they were in the 70's, CB radios are still found in millions of commercial and privately owned vehicles across the US and they are commonly used by truckers and others on the road to provide traffic reports, weather alerts and to generally pass the time with fellow travelers. They are also used for instant alerts to speed traps and other traffic enforcement measures in real time.

Best of all, unlike a cell phone, using a CB radio involves no residual costs. There are no subscriptions, no monthly fees, and no per minute charges. Plus, you don't need to purchase a license to operate a CB radio. Any US citizen can legally operate CB for commercial or private use.

For complete radar and laser detection, communication is one link in your system that shouldn't be missing, and if your detector doesn't catch it all, a CB radio may be the one component that keeps you from getting a ticket in real time. As two long-time companions that have shared dashboards for decades, CB radios and radar detectors are a perfect match.

Buy Radar Detectors has a radar detector and CB radio to fit almost any private vehicle and budget. Considering a low cost Cobra XRS 9370? Why not get a Cobra 19DX IV CB Radio to ride along? Looking for something high end, such as an Escort Passport MAX? Add a Uniden Bearcat PC787 CB Radio to match!

3 thoughts on “CB radios and radar detectors are a perfect match”

  • I read this post and it’s very useful.

  • A CB radio or “citizens band” radio is the perfect medium range communications tool. The average store bought 2 way radio usually operates on GRMS or FRS frequencies. These frequencies are limited to a few miles and are limited even further by buildings, tress, mountains and all obstacles. CB radios can obtain ranges up to 150 miles, sometimes more. CB's operate on a different frequency than traditional consumer radios which allows them to obtain these extended ranges and makes them a preferable communications tools.

  • Great article here. Very useful for someone whos looking to match the perfect radar detector with your CB radio.
    Thanks for sharing,

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