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2013 Whistler Radar Detector Comparison

Whistler recently performed a complete makeover of their radar detectors for 2013 and consolidated their product line of assorted dash mounted units into six new models. The result is a simple set of products that makes shopping for a radar detector a whole lot easier. Buy Radar Detectors is an Authorized Whistler Dealer and we stock them all in our warehouse for immediate shipment. To make shopping for a Whistler radar detector as simple as possible, we have several resources to help you find the radar detector that's right for you, including articles and reviews, product videos and our online comparison tool.

Below is a list of the Whistler Radar Detectors currently available and some of their highlighted features. There are seven models in the current lineup; six are the dash mount units in the CR Series and one is a concealed model, the tried-and-true Pro 3600 installed radar detector. To compare the current models in this chart with previouse models, refer to our 2011-2012 Whistler Radar Detector Comparison Chart. You can also compare them to our 2013 Beltronics and Escort radar detector comparison charts.

Whistler Model GPS Voice Alerts Display Undetectable
CR65 Icon
CR70 Icon
CR75 OLED Text
CR80 Icon Low Emission
CR85 OLED Text Low Emission
CR90 OLED Text Low Emission
Pro 3600 Optional Red Text Low Emission
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