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The 955c Camo: A Radar Detector With Style

Camouflage was made for the military and as standard wear for hunters trying to bag a buck. It's no longer just for soldiers and the outdoor enthusiasts, however. Everyone can wear it, and now it's everywhere. Where ever you go, to the movies, the mall - even the beach - people are wearing camo.

It's not limited to outdoor wear, either. There are the camo shirts, pants and hats, of course. But there are also camo bath towels, key chains and coffee mugs. There is even a Facebook page devoted to fans of all things camo! No doubt about it, camouflage isn't just for the outdoor enthusiast anymore. Camo is an attitude, a look, a fashion statement. Camo is in style.

Who knew camouflage could be both functional and fashionable? Beltronics did, which is why they made the Beltronics Vector 955c Camo Limited Edition Radar Detector.

Radar detectors are typically designed for function and are usually limited to color schemes ranging from silver and gray to black. But Camo? With the 955c, Beltronics took the look and rolled function and fashion into one handsome package. Now, that's style.

But it isn't just another pretty face. The Beltronics Vector 955c Camo Limited Edition Radar Detector offers great performance at a value price. The 955c detects the POP mode radar. It features an alpha numeric display and voice alerts. It also offers Beltronics Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology to minimize false alarms. The Beltronics Vector 955c also provides an AutoScan mode and 3 levels of city mode, allowing you to adjust your tolerance for these false alerts. It is also designed to integrate with the Cincinnati Microwave ZR4 Laser Defense System.

The 955c has all the features of the popular Beltronics Vector 955 Radar Detector. In fact, it is essentially the same device as the 955 - on the inside. On the outside, it's a unique, trendy, high tech gadget that has the love of camo written all over it - literally.

The Vector 955c Camo is a limited edition model, which makes it even more special because only a few retailers carry them, so you can't just get them anywhere. If that isn't enough for camo lovers, there is one more plus: The Vector 955c Camo includes a camo zippered travel case.

Radar detectors make great gifts and The Beltronics Vector 955c Camo Special Edition is perfect for the outdoor enthusiast. But as everyone knows by now, you don't have to love the great outdoors to love great camouflage, so when you give your camo fan a 955c, you're giving the perfect gift - with style.

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